So many disconnecters :/


Monsters and Hunters…

…they all dc when they are losing.

Does it hurt that much to take a loss?

Is there a way to fix this?


Disconnecting from matches now gives a loss. That feature was implemented just for this.


Still does not stop them apparently.

I just find it such an immature thing to do :unamused:


still does NOT on PC …


Yes, that’s true. But it didn’t change anything. Personally I have the feeling that there are more
disconnects now than ever before. People don’t care about statistics and that’s a good thing.
There are only a hand full of fools that play for statistics and maybe a couple of children.
Imagine how the game would be like if the opposite would be the case.


I’m rather certain it does. If you have evidence to the contrary, present it.


What if people are experiencing lag or gamepley bugs?

So why not quit?

As I do it, why shhuld i stay in a game that has effect the balance of the game, I mean so many games lately it either seems like the hit detection is not right as many times lately the game is just very hit and miss,

Cant count how many times I have been disorientated by hit detection not kickin in till like 3 seconds later, which gives off the impression im free only to bit hit randomly…

So yes people will quit if the game isnt working right, or the fun is not there.


Extrapolated every 5 Game breaks. X box one. Internet 50.000 kbit / s all ports open at router. Most Disconets or freeze in defence missions.


You will quit right away if the connection is bad or you are having bugs.

Quiting when you go down or when you are being destroyed in a dome is something else, wich is what I am talking about.


I love the rage quitters, they’re the best. Imagine how butthurt they are.


What if they person you have downed has quit becoz there team is not playing the game right, as I was in a game the other night where our medic seemed to be working along side the wraith as he did not play his role untill we was down and then when we was down the wraith left the medic alone?!

Even could see him doing it, as the waited for use to respawn in to the map… and again the medic did not do his job, he just sat there untill we saw DBNO and the healthed us… it was apart he was taking the piss out of us, so what happened people quit out as it was a joke.

Evolve is a team based game if people are not playing it the way it was meant to be played coisre people will quite if they get downed.

also playing as the monster and getting trapped in a dome and then quitting is a joke but hey its only a game isnt it?

For me the game is unblalanced and buggy to a point that it needs a massvie fix to make it fun again.

Its silly you cant see what you team mates are untill picking you class, it should be this way for you to say oh he is that guy so ill be this guy which works well with him/her.

Also alot of monster players dont realise that when picking the monster you need to think what map your on first as well, as this plays a massive role in your choice of monster (well for me it does).

So yes people will quit… not much you can do about it really.

Here is a vid of one thing shit game I had -

The controls was all wrong too, jump was not the A button, perks was remapped. Also the FPS bit was just a ruined mess for me, see at the begining how i was in a corner and they didnt see me. the game was so disorientated it ruined the match for me, yes I didnt quit but I should of done, but to them nothing was wrong at all!


welp after coming back from the GREATEST movie ever…the avenger age of altron… I opened p a game played monster against 2 human player…chose goliath started game…waited for drop ship at start…took damage, for few secs…did few skills hopped around…and hit esc, chose leave game and not TAKE A BREAK then leave…just straight out quit. checked goliath leader boards again…nope no lose counted…nothing on lose points…

soo again I say YES u can leave during game and it wont count STILL…trust me lol and I stream my games if I go live being #5 world wraith u can view it and ill re do the process to show you …leaving still does NOT count as a loss on PC…


People leave for four main reasons in order: They don’t want to fight a pre-made, they don’t want to be monster and they don’t want to be hunter and they crash/lose connection.

I really thought that quitting did count as a loss,
but I do know that a certain player we all know, let’s call him “Lord”, still quit the game right before he lose.

Not going to mention his real name, since calling people out is frowned upon.


I’m pretty sure that he is the exception…I’ve seen even the mods calling him by his real name. Every man and his dog knows anyway, it’s no secret.


but what about the w/l ratio?
afaik you don’t get the lose point but your ratio get down


don’t say his name!


Exactly how many people care for statistics for that to effect us though?


Hell I won’t give ANY wraiths the piece of mind for a fun match.

Disconnect, all day, every day.


Some people quit when they know they’re not going to have fun carrying on with the current lobby. They’ll take the 1 minute penalty if it means not having to sit not having fun for more than that.

If people are quitting then you don’t want them in your server anyway, so feel happy that you’ll have a chance that someone who suits your lobby turns up instead.


The sad part of the who disconnect = loss thing is that I have bad internet, so when I get stuck in the weird mode where nothing moves anymore I have to accept it as a loss even if I was winning.


It happens alot. When me and a team are staining a monster, that person disconnectes then messages the group and say “sorry wifi is fucking up.” Then when i invite them back they dont wanna play :unamused: