So, looking at the Evolve Reviews; here's what we know


So far we can conduct that Evolve’s hunt mode is a little dragged out, and that evac modifiers are a little unbalanced,

I actually agree with this, but haven’t played Evac mode yet (16 hours as of this post)

Hunt does need a little more to keep you gripped and invested into it for the freshblood hunters (but experienced hunters are fine), although it feels fine on the monster side.

@macman @slabomeat Just putting this here so you can have a gander


Most reviewers are bashing on hunt, but I don’t plan on really touching the other game modes that much.


I’m amazed by your “need” to create threads for everything you want to say ^^

Anyway hunt seems that way when playing with unexperienced hunters.Once the skill goes up Hunt will be much more intense


I saw the comments of that article and most of the comments Iheard where exactly this.
Seems like a good game but there isn’t enough content to justify the $60 price tag. I’ll wait till it’s around $30 instead.


oh boy, that regurgitation again, even though it has more content than most other games out there


Don’t worry they’re the vocal minority. The gaming community has shown they want this game just by the number of preorders.


Fortunately, a lot of the issues taken with Evolve seem to be centered on balance, which is easily tweaked. And once more people get playing, I think many of hose fears will be assuaged.


I love being the monster and every single match that I played was very intense, as a Hunter I had the same experience, only two fold, because part of it WAS the hunt and the other more intense for me was the fight. I’ve had write a few close games that I just barely managed to win, on sides.


It all depends on how the monster plays. People will learn how to punish super-sneaky till stage 3 monsters soon enough. Personally I have started to go in for the kill and lure the hunters along at lower levels now.


Most hunt games are ~10 minutes long, just how short exactly do you want your match to be?


Boy, I’m not sure why you only highlighted the negative things in what was a very positive review.


Because what’s to improve when something is already positive?


Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Average match length is like 10 mins. 20 if no one does anything and 2 if monster is new.


they played on press release not the actual game. plus the day one patch fixes unbalancing issues and most of the bugs which the rest are being worked on as we wait for tomorrow.


They hype is real !


and it’s pretty impressive after seeing the beta infograph that it was split 48.5/51.5 . For a 4 vs 1 that’s super impressive and they will be tweaking on a constant basis after release I presume