So long Behemoth spinning ball of death


Sad to see the new patch seems to have spelled the end for Behemoth’s spamming of Traversal and Melee which if timed right made him a spinning ball causing the highest DPS in the game. I was able to take out elite wildlife in three seconds with that thing and get a hunter from full health to eatable in about 5 seconds. It was completely broken and unfair but a lot of fun while it lasted. I expected there to be threads and threads on it, saying it was OP but it didn’t seem to get much spotlight at all.


Not many people are complaining. ^.^

Kind of feels nice, to not have 15,000 OP threads.


I was confused that there was no thread how broken simply rolling uphill over a hunter was. 100-0 in 4 seconds and no melee required. Unfortunately that is gone for the time being until the bigger fixes to combat traversal spam come in. Then we can roll them dead once more :smiley:


never mind lol. I’ll just leave this post as liking Pappus’s comment.


No joke, I actually saw people flat out deny that it was a problem.

Most needed video evidence.


It’s still possible and it still outputs massive dps. You can use it to kill incapped Hunters almost immediately.


I think most people denied it was a problem simply for the fact that with the 2x Damage bug it was the only reliable way to win. You needed to put out as much damage as possible considering how much you were taking in return. I have played Behemoth with these new changes, and I have to say I absolutely love how he plays now. I can take more time to really line up my abilities and use them properly, because I don’t melt nearly as quickly.


At least, NOW, he is decently playable.