So...lets talk maps, wildlife and plants

There are two things people like to come up with in evolve: hunters and monsters

But theres another major thing in the game that people forget: the planet shear and everything that lives upon it. So heres a new thing to think about:

  1. What sorta map would be cool, and what type of enviroment should it have?
  2. What sorta plants grow there? Normal or exotic ones?
  3. What sorta creatures live there? Normal or exotic ones, and do any of them serve a special function?

So heres mine:

  1. A desert map. On shear theres a continent that for a unknown reason is always in the sun and therefore the area got extremely heated and creating a desert with very deadly and heavily mutated fauna and flora. This map takes place in a cannyon with douzens of areas and even a small tunnel system. This map would be the largest one yet. It would have rocks spread out and some flora here and there, and one area with a small oasis where there would be a lot of flora ans fauna.

Now this is just a idea, i understand if this creates contreversy due to the issues its creates: the map also has a special mechanic: water both the hunters and monster have to every now and then drink, or will take constant damage due to the extreme heat. The hydration meter will deplete much quicker in the sun…and i mean MUCH quicker. Just a idea tho since it would imo fit the theme of a hot deadly desert. The monstet would drink from lakes and get water from certain creatures like the steamodons and aquadons, while the hunters will get water packages droped around the map that they have to use. The monster can also drink and destroy these packages, but that might take a while due to their high health

  1. The flora has become very small and dense, and due to the lack of water has grown more hostile towards fauna
    While there are mostly low bushes, and grass here and there, theres also some more

unique flora:
Banshee plant: these deadly plants are mutated versions of normal flesh eating plants. They hide in small burrows and strike after anything that moves in their vicinity. While hard to spot and are in greater numbers, they lack the deadlines of normal flesh eating plants
Tentaclur flower: this flower is extremely deadly and can even cause problems to smaller monsters, whiping poisonous tentacles and can instantly consume any smaller creature…humans on the list. Luckily they are extremely rare with only two or three in most areas
Dessert tree: nothing special, just a smaller type of tree adapted to the desert. It has a few, large leaves in order to absorb as much sun as possible

  1. A lot of animals have adapted to the heat by using their own type of photosynthesis and some store water inside them. This means this map will have a lot of steamodons and some armadons, as well as large rock toads (cant remember name)

Unique fauna:
Aquadon: these massive creatures are a heavy adaptation of the giant sloth. It grew two massive water containers on its back, and its body is now covered by a thick skin now. Eating them will hydrate the monster
carrion birds: yup theyre back. Due to their lack of weaponry, they wait until the monster or hunters have killed something and then go to eat the remains. But do note that they have become agressive, and therefore will attack hunters that come too close
Rock birds: mamoth birds have mutated and no longer walk around doing their buisness. They disguise themselves as rocks, and attack nearby hunters and monsters alike. Their electric jolts do more damage as well, but due to the heat their skin has become fairly thin and they are therefore much morw fragile

This is just a example. I will expand more on this, but i hope you understand my idea
So now its up to you: what sorta map would you like to see? And what sort of plants and animals live there? Tell me :smiley:
Lets make develope planet shear together!!!

Regards, Radicator


Guess no ones interested huh :confused:


Count me in. I always want more wildlife and plants. Especially if they’re dangerous. =p


wow, a map with a complete new mechanic, new wildlife. you do think outside of the box huh?

i think ur suggestion is



i love it, i hope some devs read this.


Thanks! That comment made me so damn happy xD
I will soon update the post, have some more ideas to add

@Katt @3evilgenius do you two have any suggestions? Im open to ideas ^^

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On the same page as new mechanics, how about a map that changes biomes every couple minutes or so? The wildlife change with attacks, like if it becomes winter, their attacks slow, if there are poisen clouds, the creatures hits do DOT, and so on.
Or, if that would be too complicated, why not just have the sun come up and down, so the map could be night and day at different points?
Food for thought :3

  1. In legacy there was a map that had a large wall (trump approved) and on one side there was this very warm, marsh/jungle enviroment, and on the other very cold and snowy climate.

  2. While idk if the biome itself would randomly change, the day/night cycle could work: some creatures would go to sleep, while others would become more hostile and mby some night predators would awake that would pose danger to both hunters and monsters

  3. Both of these things wouldnt work for the map i made since theres constant night cycle, but how about a arena map? People have built a big arena where the monster and hunters fight. Every few minutes a random effect would come like you said: gas would cause damage and wildlifes attacks will now poison, then they drasticaly reduce the temperature causing slowed movement and wildlife would slow whoever they attack

I like these ideas tho, so keep em coming


I like the idea I’ve seen around of different weather effects on each map ie:
Rain makes tracks disappear faster and smell range shorter. Sandstorms on desert maps that slightly hinder visibility. Day and night cycles where at night blitzleopards are more common and aggresive plus some other predators come out while other wildlife stay in one spot asleep unless woken up.

It’d be cool if there were wildlife conditions too like the map would say Weather Control. Condition: Nomad Migration and there would be alot more Nomads than usual or Crowbill Mating where there would be more Sloths but they would also be highly aggressive to Hunters and Monsters at any stage.

They wouldn’t have to happen everytime the map is selected just there would be a chance for this to pop up every now and then. I feel like it’d be a pretty easy way to mix things up on some of the maps we already have without requiring an excessive amount of time and work on the devs part.

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Actually, quite a few of the additions you suggested were already planned during development but discarded for several reasons. In fact, they had actually planned to have different types of wildlife depending on the weather and environment instead of just reskinning the wildlife they had already implemented. There are exclusive wildlife types in each map though. If I recall correctly, steamadons are only found in Distillery, and nomads in Wraith Trap. The dune beetle as well, and some others I can’t remember.

The Banshee plant, according to the devs concept, would hide inside rocks to attack anyone that came close enough, and the Tentaclur flower follows the exact concept they had for a plant that would hang from the ceiling in caves and would shoot out tentacles that would impale and kill wildlife and hunters in their vicinity. They proved to offer little counterplay and they weren’t fun to play against, so they discarded them.

You must be talking about these, which sucks cuz I’ve been looking at some of their concept art all morning and they had so many awesome ideas, I’m bummed alot of them never made it.


Yep, those are the ones. I also spent the entire afternoon looking at their concept art. Sadly, they have to be practical and put gameplay first.

It would be awesome if they decided to write an Evolve book using all of these scrapped ideas.

I want a map that was a testing environment where experimental wildlife escape and one of the wildlife is a mix between a venom hound and a steamadon where the steam is is poisonous.

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Great idea I 100%support new mechanics to make the game harder for both sides <3

Yes, i got partial inspiration from them, you got me there ^^

@Axilla thx
@RecklessFist yes! That would be extremely cool! Mind if i make a map concept based on that? (I will obv give you credit for the idea and inspiration)
@Magnus_Medic working on a concept rn :wink:


A swamp/marsh environment… with the swamp patches inflicting “slow” on Hunters (no effect on Monsters).

Alligator like wild-life hidden inside waistdeep lakes. Switches available to Hunters to “electrocute” the ponds (making them inflict damage to Monster whereas normally they would not do anything to Monster).

A large moat surrounding the Power Relay that has a probability to spawn a giant Octopus Monster thing that’s slightly bigger than a Stage 3 Monster… and it’s like a Megamouth except it can kill Hunters outright… and also “trap” a Monster when it “pounces”.

[quote=“GoliathSteak, post:15, topic:101736, full:true”]

Alligator like wild-life hidden inside waistdeep lakes. [/quote]


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What’s a tyrant?

Oh and the giant Octopus thing? I was thinking that if a Monster player triggered one by mistake… it’s like when a hunter triggers a Megamouth? And it ragdolls the Monster? … but if it grabs a Hunter it’s instant “return to Dropship”?

Awesome odds! :stuck_out_tongue:

Removed after legact for rebalancing purposes:

If they bring back the broken hill maps they should do bear traps instead of carnivorous plants, it would fit more with the enviroment
i love your wildlife ideas btw

Yes! Yes! This… and I want it to also pounce Monster Players! Hahahaha! They should know what it feels like! :smile_cat: