So lets talk about Lazarus


I’ve been playing quite a bit as Lazarus (with reload perk to get the healing field back faster) andwhile he started off strong, it’s beginning to get to me how little he can do in a straight up firefight. I swoop in and heal my teammates (and usually try to put one or two of them between me and the monster) and cloak when he’s on my ass, but I’m noticing some very disturbing setbacks against more skilled players, who find me and focus me until I die, often leaving my teammates less than topped off and in dire straights. I really want to love this character as being able to bring peope back from death can make such a huge difference when my team splits up and I can’t heal in all places at once (if someone dies I simply boost over to them, revive, and we catch up with the rest of the team), whereas if someone dies to some unfortunate wildlife, thats it, strike applied, permanant health loss. This penalty makes it excruciating down the line.

Now to the point, does anyone have any better tips with Laz? I know I can hover revive and I’m extremely slippery getting out of touch situations, but I can’t ignore that glaring weakness in that if I mess up/get caught and manage to die my team has serious problems. I personally can play Val, but I really don’t like her as she is extremely easy to spot as the medic (sniper/tranq tracers, neon green heal beam that says HEY! LOOK AT ME! FOLLOW THE LIGHT!) and while the tranq’s can make such a difference in the chase, I find myself being focused and dying alot more. Now with Caira, her heal grenades do a stupid amount of healing but require alot of precision and are extremely ineffective with airborne targets. Not to mention the god-awful reload speed of the things (facilitated quite a bit by the reload perk), but my problem is that when I miss it usually means someone dies, and thats a huge loss to me as a medic. Can anyone throw me some tips as to why they think Val or Caira are the best medics?


I think they all have their place and their strategies, but overall I just find Caira to be the best. The best advice I can give with her is to just get good at aiming quickly. The healing radius is pretty generous with the grenade, and they are 10% larger when fully maxed out. As for airborn targets, do you mean monsters like the kraken, or teammates jumping? If you are trying to hit the kraken with napalm, just practice your aim and eventually you’ll be hitting him like with any other gun. If you mean teammates, it’s more situation. You can try to actually hit them directly, which is difficult but possible. Another option is just to simply wait until they land, and save healing burst to keep them alive until then (but only save healing burst if you know they like to be in the air a lot and you will need it, otherwise you should be using it with your grenades, more or less on CD as needed) . A third option, and the best/most practical, is to hit the environment around them to heal them. Cliffs, rocks, trees, whatever, if it’s near them. The radius goes through objects too, so don’t worry if something is directly between you and them.

The reload speed perk is more than enough for her too, so long as you don’t royaly screw up aiming with her.


Hahaha, i much rather think lazarus is the best, hes the only character in the game to literally break the game’s own rules.

And man is he good at it.

The main reason people think Val & Caira > Lazarus, is because they both heal alot more than laz, making lazarus more vulnerable to the ‘‘take down everybody at once’’ strategy and such, caira is also considered superior to val, for her healing is AEO and alot higher than Val’s


Lazarus is the best, but the eating hunters mechanic breaks him as a character so he’s useless once you start facing semi competent monsters.


There is no point to lazarus without hank, If damage keeps flushing in you can hardly do anything and people with little health cannot operate freely. If they cannot operate freely, they aren’t operating at peak efficiency. A trapper that is just at half hp will have a very short dome lifespan, because lazarus just simply cannot heal.

The worst is, that lazarus can just be meleed dead. Seriously you don’t need any abilities to kill a lazarus team. Just traverse dangerous wild life close enough to the hunters that they might juuuuust get you soon and the wildlife hits come in, a bit of spreadiness and you can finish the whole thing at stage one.

(at least without cooldown reduction found on elite monsters)

I hate having a Lazarus, it might be good with people that can dodge extremely well or overcautious monsters, but if the monster is okay with losing health bars early to win the game right there they often will.


Your team needs to punish a monster that tries to eat. Lazarus should only ever go in when the Monster is more than 20 m away from the body.


laz is by far the worst medic just like you said for yourself skilled players see through cloak and just focus you down nothing you can do there

val is only playable with a skilled team which can avoid damage rather than get slaughtered from 1 combo constant switching betwenn all three weapons is required she has a pretty high skill ceiling

caira is so good because she has the best heals of the three meaning there is more room for error and mistakes and the speed boost helps you and your team out of sticky situations


It’s all well and good in theory saying these things, I’ve seen them in practice, and with increased eating speed especially it doesn’t take long to get rid of a corpse and break Laz’s game. Good monsters will willingly take some punishment (outside of a barrage usually) to guarantee a strike and a hunter out of the game for 2 minutes, and they’ll do this after having beaten the rest of the team around enough that they can’t risk being baited into a trap that’ll kill them too.


Just to clarify, all I’d like is some parity for laz compared to the likes of Val. If Val has a constant beam on someone getting focused she can get them back to full health and prevent them getting a strike over a period of something like 30 to 45 seconds, assuming the monster stopped focusing after 15 seconds. If no one is healing a hunter getting focused they’ll go down in what… 10 seconds? Then another 5 seconds to beat the incap to death? That means Lazarus is 15 to 30 seconds worse off assuming that he’s even close to the body, which he shouldn’t be.

45 seconds is a ridiculous window to be able to revive in, 20 seconds with no ability to eat the dead body by the monster would make things much more equitable. Monster can still camp and kite, but if it wants to prevent the full revive it needs to put the time in just as it would have to against Val.


Hank, Laz, and Hyde should be on a team together. Hyde can stop a monster from eating indefinitely. Hank can punish a body camper. A monster shouldn’t get away with eating a body. Most Laz players just act like idiots and don’t use their 1 minute revive timer effectively. You have approx one minute when they drop to revive unless they have 2 strikes. You don’t need to yolo dive at 10 seconds.


If the game requires certain people to be paired with Lazarus then Lazarus is broken


He likes them, he doesn’t need them.


I’ll poke holes in your argument when on have a keyboard and not a phone :slight_smile:


I’m just coming to the conclusion that Lazarus is just awful in practice. In a great group he might be good, but average people he’s just bad. No healing = we all die, and most Lazarus players are terrible at actually reviving people/staying alive themselves.


I did mean hitting teammates in the air, and very good points. I really do like Caira, it’s just frustrating when you’re playing with inexperienced people as those strikes really add up


I’ve actually found even as Lazarus if you space your shots out right you can shoot the monster to prevent him from eating the hunter, usually this pisses him off and he’ll run at you, perfect time for a quick jetpack dodge/revive combo


This is exactly the problem. However a good Laz should have the entire team at a minimum 80% health because he should be using his heal burst to top people off as you chase the monster (I usually find that even if we keep doming the monster at the 60 second c/d timer I have enough time to top mostly everyone off). Your team should just focus on going balls out and doing as much damage as possible before y’all die and I swoop in to rez. However, like you said, most of your team simply takes too much damage from a competent monster and not having reliable healing is where he is starting to become a detriment to me. Believe it or not though, I still like a Laz/Hank combo for the Wraith, as hanks bombardment is a perfect counter to Supernova and that shield saves lives


Exactly. I don’t understimate Val but like I said the only really frustrating thing is that she’s so damn easy to pick up on. every time I play as the monster I’m like OH there you, focus her, medic down, and then just move on to the rest of the team. You really need a great team that can keep the monster’s attention and know the right times to help (a la shield, harpoon, etc)


I agree. I do think that Laz needs a little help here. If you have a solid team you’ll have the assault wade in and do massive dps while he’s wasting time camping the body and shield when he gets low to distract the monster and allow me a quick revive, but thats in a perfect world where we somehow stop the monster from eating the body (nearly impissible when he has feeding speed)


i have more of a problem with the fact that cloack is just useless the only monster you can fool with that is kraken and only if hes playing plane all day long