So, let's have a strawpoll of who will buy



You forgot the Kappa option


It’s going to be skewed because you posted it here. Everyone here is going to buy it.


I think if you had the options Normal edition/PCMR edition/Deluxe edition you maybe will get serious results.Right now i don’t think there are people in the forums who will not buy it ;p


I’m not gonna lie, those were not quite the results I was expecting.


Updated poll


You will still not get serious answers.Of course everyone will buy it here.Okay lets say from the 1000 people who are here the 30 might not.So they will still troll by clicking the No option. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hit no.

“Will you buy it?”

No of course not, I bought it like a month ago.


pull your own straws! Im too busy impatiently waiting for the evolve game I already bought.


Also you guys do know he made the mistake of posting this poll on the steam forums as well right? xD

Gonna be hard to fight their 10 billion trolls.


I voted no. Why? Because Interwebz. You can’t stop me!



They also must have posted it elsewhere. It only has 17 clicks from here after all.