So... Leaderboard stats, huh?


I don’t really care much about but wanted to see how I’m doing for fun. Was seeing I’m 270th with Bucket worldwide and was like “Hey, that’s neat.”, then I switched to my two main characters, Hank and Caira, and I wasn’t listed with Hank while I was showed to have ONE win with Caira, no hours played and 11 deaths. Uhm… what? I know the reset stuff messes up a lot and I get that people who were affected by that may experience wrong leaderboard stats but this is so wildly off and I haven’t encountered any glitches regarding rank etc.

Will this be fixed and the stats displayed will be accurate or…?


Don’t take my word on it, but I think I heard someone talking about a reset of leaderboards when they have a couple of things fixed and changed.


Only leaderboard then though, right? Not masteries as well.


No, they wouldn’t reset your masteries. But again, the whole thing about a leaderboard reset, don’t trust me on that. It’s just something I think I’ve heard someone mention.


It’s only rational, that leaderboards will be reset, when they introduce so fix so people won’t abuse stuff like leaving before loss.