So kraken falls even if you shoot at him now?

why does kraken keep falling even when he s being shot at (no harpoons tranq and whatnot included)

Pretty sure he always falls as he moves or basics now

I find it funny that if kraken flies into an object he stops flying. Even in combat which is funny.

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If he didnt slowly fall then he would be hands down the most OP monster in the game. This thread doesnt really make sense when you think about it…

Kraken will keep falling even tho nobody is shooting, its gravity.

I think you are referring to previous patch’s kraken which it will stay up in the air during combat.

Not sure, though I can’t say I really mind. I don’t play Karken.

He still does though. You can still stay in the air easily as Kraken. o.O You’ll just have less ability to dodge with busts but frankly that wasn’t really needed anyway.

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These days Kraken will only levitate if you are not moving. If you move in any direction you immediately begin to lose height. Taking damage seems to have no effect on this.

All forms of CC will increase the speed at which you lose height, some more dramatically than others. Abe is the best for keeping Kraken on the ground at the moment. His stasis grenades drop Kraken like a rock.