So Jack´s Real Name is Scrap?


i just was like … wait whut ?

T6 Trapper Confirmed


Scrap was his name back in the old dev build, so it’s likely they slipped up and accidentally let Scrap go through on some of the dialogue.


That was the name used for him in development. Occasionally you will see dialogue where they forgot to update it to Jack before release.


lol that is a awful name im happy they called him jack xD


Yeah, back in concept faze, his name was Scrap. Telemetry was a bundle of junk and it would cause too many problems if it was changed.



Before Jack had an official name he was called “Scrap” as a placeholder given that his kit and lore is that he built things from, you guessed it, scrap.

Some dialogue is labeled “Jack” and others “Scrap”. You can clearly see when the Development process had picked out the name.


Hahahha “…In ein riesiges lila Monster” xD


Scrap jack adaptation confirmed for the future.


yea, its been like this for a while. Its already logged but they have better things to do


am I the only person who dosent play with subtitles?


Probably. Sometimes I cant understand the things they say so I like to know for sure. :slight_smile:


I understand what everyone says most of the time theres he occasional getting eaten by a tyrant with a character mumble but other then that I understand everything


I also get easily distracted. So the text on screen usually makes me focus better. lol


it usually just blocks the screen for me I used it once when lennox came out to understand her because I didn’t buy t5 yet didn’t like it
I had to be monster to hear t5 when they released


I guess now I can add the other two development names I learned since they’ve been released.

Emet = E.M.E.T.
Kala = Support G

I’ll also keep this in the Bugs category since it’s a spelling error, but I believe there’s already been a thread including this issue before. I’m just not sure where or when it was made…


Weird. This was confirmed fixed on July 28, 2015. I’ll reopen the bug.