So Jack is almost here


When exactly will he be released tonight? Like in two and a half hours? Three and a half?

Just wanna take him for a ride…

Pedophilia not intended…

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o no no

most likely 5 p.m Pacific time

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Same here. What time are u guys dropping him out for us - ps4?


5pm? Shoooooooooooot! That’s no fun


oh yes ALL CONSOLES and PC are the same. Lennox (Tier 5 Assault) was released at 5 p.m


but before 5 pm, the patch will be released and you will see new character, BUT catch is that you cannot purchase him yet, have to wait till 5 pm


So it’s going to be like 7 PM my time? What the hell? Whatever happened to releasing things at the beginning of a day?!

My popcicles will melt by then.



Dammit, he won’t be released until the 12th here ._.


Most likely the big patch in the early in the afternoon and Jacky around 8 EST. I’m fairly certain that’s how the Lennox release went.


Before Lennox was actually released though, you could play her in solo. That’s what I’m hoping for, a chance to try Jack in the morning. :smile:


patch will be early, 12 pm pacific or 1 pm pacific. THIS INCLUDES THE PATCH AND MAYBE THE HUNTER TUTORIAL. This was how lennox was released. Then at 5 pm pacific is the moment of truth!



Based off of previous experience


Most I’ve seen on the matter.


Ikr and I’m working from home - would be perfect if they would drop it around midnight lol I would even stay up lol


There’s already a thread discussing the release time folks, use that one please :smile:

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