So I've tested out how the game is


And yeah this game isn’t fair for the monster anymore. It’s heavily hunter favored and it takes the least amount of effort to kill a monster and the greatest amount of effort to win as the monster. I am disappointed…


I don’t think it’s as bad as people are saying.

Anyways, I’d just stick around until more balance patches. Evolve is worth it.

Also, you might be rusty as monster. I know the game is moderately hunter favored on PC, but that’s a big jump for your first day back.


Haven’t you already created a multiple threads complaining about this issue?


If this is the case then why does the monsters have a higher win ratio than the hunters? I never understood that. The win ratio for most monsters is still above 50%, where as hunters are still less than 50%. Its close but its still seems monster favored.


Are you counting randoms or not?

Because randoms that can’t shoot straight will always get rekt


It’s not bad yet for us. Just wait till the title update hits us with the knockback nerf…


Yes I have but I have to make sure I’m heard lol


This post. Very true. I agree, @MacMan


Yeah I guess we didn’t notice by the 3rd thread. At least consolidate it into one thread.


Ugh I forgot you could do that. My bad :confused:


That is true about my first day back but I still got it. Plus when I was versing some other monsters as hunters I didn’t even have to really heal my teammates because they out-damaged the monster by a lot more than the monster was able to do to them. Plus did you know that Maggie can clean out a whole bar of health from the monster in under 3 seconds? I witnessed that today…


I find it almost impossible to win against a team of good hunters…the monsters needs to be altered IMO so they can actually beat a strong team.


I’ve said this before, but the only time I have close matches is if the monster and one/two hunters are below average players.

The game seems to be balanced around the idea that 2/5 players aren’t going to be that good… But when all 4 hunters are good and working together it’s a nightmare for your average (even above average) monster.


Hi! Billy Mays here!

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Don’t worry! I have the cure! I like to call it “Being a Dick MLG Haxsauce” where every hit is instantaneous death… no need for that Pesky Incap phase! They just die! You too can feel like Chuck Norris by just looking into their smug eyes as you kill them with a glare!

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To do that she needs to hit the head. If she hits it, she’s gotta be rewarded with some kind of that big damage, no?


Maggie already has big damage…its just that most bullets miss due to the guns “great” accuracy…(probably the least accurate weapon in the game)


I agree hunting the monster was a chalenge even if it was just a decent monster.
but now only the god tier monster players like @Plaff are intimidating
I can now effortlessly dodge most monster attacks now. (probably my skill which is fine but make the monster as scary as it was in the beginning )
I agree with a lot of the balancing but playing monster for me is imposssible now.
and hunting them is just them running away at stage two because they barely stand a chance a stage 3.


So true…i wonder if there will ever be perfect balance for evolve(doubt it… :weary:) …that would be amazing… :relieved:


I hope so.
Monsters need to get more damage resistance as they stage up.
or what if the buffs they take ingame increase as they stage up just an idea (not even sure it’s a good one)


The opposite tbh, imo!