So it's now about 10 here Eastern Time


Can anyone in the eastern time zone confirm if they have got Kala, or even the update at that? Sorry I know there’s probably a lot of threads like this going on right now but she’s finally here and not being able to play her is like insult to injury.


No it comes out 10 PST . So 1 am for us. Sooooo tomorrow man, unfortunately, but hey, it’ll be worth the wait.


I have Kala on PC.


Well now I hate myself


For the record. Kala has been available for the past 9 hours on PC Eastern.


Where do you see that does it not say 6pm PST on the patch notes?


Yah and that’s like being rubbed in my face too, lucky bastards. :confused:


It’s an estimate based on the times they’ve released in the past. Right now it’s in the hands of Sony/Microsoft and TRS doesn’t control it.


Oops my mistake, are you an Xbox player?


Right now only PS4 players in Europe and PC players worldwide have the update. Xbox One and PS4 (all zones) are still waiting…


Yeah woah apparently my post must be 10 characters here you go forums!


You should have it soon then, again sorry I thought you were a Ps4 player . I’ll get a quote.


Here you go! [Updated for XB1] DLC and Patch 8.0 Estimated Drop Times


From the patch notes at the latest we should have had her an hour ago


Well it’s been out for 11 hours on Xbox One in Asia. It’s just that I was asleep so I couldn’t play it.


I kinda ninja’d you.


That’s what I’m getting at here…
Edit: The patch notes imply that it came out at 6PST which is only two or three hours ahead of eastern time right?


That’s Microsoft’s end then, they tend to be slow. They might get it tomorrow.


I’m on the east coast too; what’s weird is I can see kala and the new skins for her and gorgon on the smart glass app on my phone but not on the store via my xbox.


I’m on Xbox too I was saying it for everyone else who would have had reason to look at the xbox times :stuck_out_tongue: