So, it seems we have a proof about new Hunters!

Just noticed that today in this unboxing video:


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Ya there’s a massive thread on this somewhere. Think it’s called “Tier 4 Hype”.

no duh you can buy the tier 4hunthers behemoth tier 5 monster and tier 5hunters

He means confirmation of what the roles are.

The roles look right to me.

This thing has been posted in the other thread as well, along with the classes. I’m sure I’ve seen it multiple times by now.

Oh, cool. We kinda already knew the roles - and we guessed correctly - but its nice to have confirmation considering how tight-lipped they’re being about future content. (HINT, NOT SUBTLE HINT.)

It says four aphinters and exclusive monster skins… Guess those were the magma skins?

I’d rather see threads/posts like this pop up continuously throughout the forums instead of the typical regurgitated topics that have been floating around for the past twelve days. You can only see so much negativity before it starts making you not want to visit the forums.


That makes sense I guess. I just started ignoring all “cosmetic day 1 DLC is bad because it’s bad” threads. Forum is a lot better place that way.

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