So, it came to this


Here it is, short and sweet.
Evolve is good for about a week. Got fed up of it and traded it in. it’s just boring.

There’s no way I can keep playing this game based on the fact that I must have 3 other mates willing to play this thing at the exact same time that I come online.

It’s not a game that can be played by yourself and it’s got no longevity to it. All the other modes boil down to another variation of hunt.

I really wanted to like this game, but it’s tedious and its gone from my collection. My only positive from this is that I traded it in while it’s still worth near to what I initially paid for it so I’m not really at a loss.

Maybe reviewers should’ve waited a while before giving it a good score.

Seeya evolve… It was… Erm… Fun I guess… For a while.


Bye! Enjoy CoD.


Find more friends, I’ve made at least 8 now, need to track down 2 or 3 more. Expand your social horizons.


I don’t have many PSN friends at all and I’m having a blast playing this solo


see ya later alligator


See ya.

I get your legitimate concern though.


I’m sorry you feel this way and I wish you the very best on what your next adventure may be.

@Giokay Way to be toxic.


I’m willing to take whiny doomsayer attitudes from people who actually play the game, but the ones whining about a game they don’t even play? Please, gtfo


Then don’t respond to them? You have that option just by not clicking reply. You choose to be toxic and we certainly don’t need that around here.



@SledgePainter @Brandini @SlinkyGuy Can we get a lock on this please?


Ugh! Out of all the legitimate and crazy issues this game has and of what TRS and 2K need to be held accountable for, this isn’t even a issue!

It’s 100% your fault. This game has been big in the gaming media, what is was all about, all it offered, it was easy to grasp and easy to do research. It’s almost like complaining that you can’t beat an MMO’s end game content by yourself…


The OP has stated his reasons, thus this thread has concluded. I do hope he returns to the game in the future though! This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.