So, is there stealth pouncing on hunters?


I was watching some footage on IGN and saw a Kraken player stealth pounce a Hunter and keep him pinned as he took his health down. It looked like he had him all they way until the teammates interrupted the attack with weapons fire (like when the indigenous animals attack Hunters)

If so, it seems like a neat mechanic. A great way to attack a lone wolf who broke off from the pack. Pounce him, you don’t have to worry about him using any abilities on you, and if his teammates cannot get to him in time, he could be as good as dead. Even more effective if the player cannot ping/type during this time (though I understand hunters using comms would have a way around this)

Also, for confirmation (please correct if wrong)

When using stealth, you leave no footprints, don’t make footstep SFX, and don’t snarl, right? The Kraken leaves drops for hunters to track, but they are harder to determine the route due to their shape. Things like leaps, and climbing up walls do not leave tracks, correct?


Pouncing is a mechanic. One damaging attack from a hunter will throw the monster off, but it is a wonderful way to farm while sneaking, and to dissuade stragglers during the hunt, or even end a game with one last hunter.

Kraken only leaves his trail when flying, so you don’t need to worry about that. Other than that, you got sneaking down!


You can sneak pounce hunters…comes in real handy when one is separated from the group or is that first one to manage a full jetpack up a cliff to you. I believe a player can ping during this but unsure. I know they can ping while inside megamouths and plants so I base my assumption on that. As Kraken, when you fly you leave lit drop tracks. While stealth creeping you leave no sound (except for sniffing!) or tracks…even up walls and even stealth pouncing prey. Leaping as Goliath leaves 1 track when he lands.


When sneaking I think you still make sounds but they’re muffled.
For the pounce, the assaults can still activate their shield to buy time, and i think the medic can activate the heal burst, but I’m less sure of the second
And I’m pretty sure Sledgepainter is right and you can ping, regardless it should display on the other hunters screen that a hunter is incapped, even if you don’t know why
I believe that if the Kraken is flying you leave scorch marks but i think if you fly high enough of the ground you can avoid this.


So, does this mean that if you’re fighting the last enemy, you can just stealth pounce him, even if he’s aware of you? (as long as other teammates who may be downed don’t have a Line of Sight to shoot you and interrupt the process)

I would think there would have to be some kind of stipulation to prevent a hunter who is aware from being pouncable, right? Or can you choose to pounce anyone regardless of their knowledge of your location?


As the others have said sneak pouncing is a thing as the monster. However, it’s also a thing in combat, that I personally think really needs to go. Something along the lines of getting hit prevents you from entering sneak mode for 1 second or prevents you from pouncing for 1 second. It’s one thing to run behind a tree and then pounce when they come around, it’s another to have a flamethrower in your face and pounce the guy that’s doing it. Feels incredibly cheap and as such is immensely frustrating >.>


Ah, by the sound of it, you make it sound as if you can pounce a player who is aware of you. Yeah, I would agree that such a move sounds cheap. To instantly incapacitate a player who is engaged with you seems cheap. But I wonder what good system could be put in place to ensure such a system does not get abused.


Yes as it stands, a monster can pounce someone fully aware and pumping lead into your face. They don’t care. It requires a hit after the pounce connects to get them off. There’s no way to actually prevent the pounce from happening in the first place without finding someway to prevent them from coming withing 10m of you.


I’ve won a few games by pouncing the last guy, don’t think it was cheap, I was going to win i just avoided an extra 20 seconds or so of chasing a hunter.
As for ways to stop it currently in play. If you have any teammates incapped nearby, they can shoot the monster.
I think if you get your timing right you may be able to dodge it, but in the heat of the moment running from a monster with low fuel this is hard.
Apart from that you have markov placing mines (for obvious reasons he needs to place the mines just before being pounced), and bucket can place turrets (which is what good bucket players do when they’re the last guy anyway).
I suppose you could use the orbital barrage with Hank, but I’ve never seen it and it would be tricky to pull off right


We’ve intentionally let Hank get pounced while secretly having him drop an orbital on himself just before the pounce happens, but this is done when all alive, not just him.

It’s so much freedom taken away from the hunter player is the problem. It’s not hard to launch a team off a cliff except for 1 person and then just pounce that person and have them down before the team comes back up the cliff.


You can block the pounce on yourself if you shoot the monster as it’s pouncing you


So if you keep on shooting the monster he can’t pounce you when you do so?


Until you reload, then you’re meat :slight_smile:


I really had a lot of fun with pouncing in Alpha, especially stragglers. Didn’t notice pounce negations while playing though, for example 0:24 I still get my pounce off while being shot at.


Unless the changes they’ve made to the build since the alpha are what allow you to negate pounces by shooting, it kinda looks like the shots actually go under you when you go into the pounce, i.e the last few shots miss. This could be why you were allowed to pounce


At least in the alpha, you could stealth pounce hunters in the middle of a combat. I think that’s a pretty nice touch. I’ve been pounced and I’ve pounced, specially when surrounded by dome and hiding behind a rock or something to avoid max damage at stage 1…
I hope that feature will stay for release in the final build, as I don’t think it’s abusive at all since it’s up to the hunter team to fight (offensive and defensive) together…
Stealth pouncing is actually one of my fav move in the monster gameplay!


I’m just wondering if the sound the hunters hear are as loud as the monster while pouncing wildlife? Especially the Kraken seems to make a lot of noise when doing this… Also same thing with trees etc. when you sneak and they make noise when they break do the hunters hear it as loud or what?


I would imagine that the sound levels are the same for both the hunters and the monster.
When you’re the monster they will seem louder, simply due to the fact that you are much closer (obviously) than the hunters, so it probably sounds like you’re making more sound then you are.


If shooting can stop it, that’s fine, but the act of getting ready to pounce should take more time than the longest reload time of a player; otherwise the monster will just keep reiterating the prep for pounce until the character starts reloading.


If you’re the last person, and you’re not around downed team mates that can shoot at the monster for you too, and they manage to time a stealth pounce on you while you’re reloading…fair play to them I say.