So, is there ANY way to counter Kraken spamming lightning balls in the air to cancel resurrection?


Shooting him doesn’t phase %99.9 of Krakens.


Yep. My premade will often have some fun by throwing themselves in front of the air melees as a meat shield so our Lazarus can get his revive in.

Ton of fun to try dodging into his attacks. :smiley:


lel, you mad cuz yo Laz game suxs


Bro, it was A++++ for my second time ever playing him.


Don’t worry rc, we still love you ^.-
Besides, you pulled some leet rezzes, I was impressed


Don’t really think so, I think the shield would work, but I haven’t had any supports shield me in this situation sadly. I just Cloak and hope he forgets about me and the corpse.


Shield does not stop knockback


There is a delay between his 4th melee to 5th due to pattern being heavy - light-light-light - repeat

Laz can sneak a revive here


Very helpful, I didn’t know the blasts had heavy and light attacks. Your wisdom is is appreciated.