So, is nobody playing ranked?


I keep trying to find a match, but I’ve managed to complete a grand total of one placement match. Is nobody playing ranked mode or something?


The population for ranked is a little low right now, so the matchmaking is slow as a result. As time passes, more players should get to level 20 and hopefully they’re willing to try out Ranked! I know I can’t wait to queue Ranked :slight_smile:


i’ve played 4 ranked games over a total of 4 days hahhahha. 1 ranked/hr


how about you defuse this grindfest a bit and put it on level 10 or 15? it´s really annoying to pubstomp 20 levels.


I was playing with a group of friends and we were on like an 11 win streak as hunters so we decided to take our tour de force to ranked instead of stomping pub monsters, and we were brutally slaughtered 3 games in a row without ever feeling like we had even the slightest chance and so far as I could tell we weren’t making any mistakes. I don’t think I’ll be playing ranked again - the monsters there are far too scary. :frowning:


Yeah I’m just going to play hunt for a week and then try again. Thank god for the new player base.


the last time i had to grind this much for ranked was in csgo… that was almost unbearable. but this here now is over the top. i estimate around 100 games to level 20


We’ve actually been discussing this; at this time, I’m not sure what the solution will be.


Yeah it took a little longer than I had anticipated to hit 20 too.


I would go with 15 cause that would be halfway to max level.


I’m already past 20 before the patch to tweak the progression to be slower. Frankly i found that the pre-patch progression was a little slow already.

Hope you guys make it easier for players who wish to play in ranked.


I was two games away from 20 when the patch hit that halted progression, wanted to cry.


Dont do this. Ranked at lvl 20 is still a trash with players who dont want to try hard for win.


won’t do ranked until i get to 30 and i buy all perks :stuck_out_tongue: