So is matchmaking broken now? Xbox

Have not been able to connect on my own the last few days. Have only connected the day after the patch and when I joined with a friend. Otherwise there is just a constant loading icon after no issues connecting to server search.

I have no issues connecting to Battlefield or Left 4 Dead games, and have never had issues up until this patch, so it shouldn’t be my connection.

I know how you feel! It’s almost impossible to play on xbox one anymore, it’s been sinces the last patch which is almost a week now, I hope they fix it soon!

I dunno, I felt this way a few days ago when trying to connect but I played most of friday and sunday evening and didn’t really have issues, connected to a game straight away, I’d double check and make sure your NAT settings are open and I usually restart the game when matchmaking takes too long.

There’s been a few threads about it

Quite a few threads on the issue which is good since the problems have been occuring for me since the patch but it hasn’t really been discussed as much until now. I hope one of them catches a devs attention too we really need to figure out what’s going on if we don’t want this community to get even smaller.

Yeah…fixing the problem seems like it made it worse…

But at least the leaderboards don’t reset all the time!


Haven’t had any problems

I have problems when I’m specifically with a party. Everybody in the party finds a game except the host. There are also Constant disconnects when in an actual game or if your just searching.


That sucks, I sold the game recently but I was going to buy it again since it is only $30 right now on Xbox. Should I not?

We continue to beta test Evolve.

I have had this issue for days now, it sucks but it’s almost nice to see I am not alone, I thought my network was acting up.

It takes ages to find a game for me.

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Good thing I have ps4 :smile: --------- Is it Xbox Live or is it Evolve itself?

Evolve itself. Everything else works fine.

It’s been this way since Arena came out.

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Oh wow so a very long time ---- Is it completely 100% unplayable?

Unless you have a full lobby of 5 for customs or wanna play with bots, yes.

You can find a game sometimes, but you certainly can’t leave a lobby and find a second game.

Odds are, you’ll have to restart the entire game before it’ll find you another match.

Solo is a beat down. Parties need the party leader to basically host the lobby while not playing. Everyone else connects and can play and finish a game. The poor party leader sits in an eternal loading screen even through a second game. If the party leader backs out of the search, they pull the entire team out of their game along with the leader. Ridiculous.

Also what’s ridiculous, is that TRS said they fixed matchmaking issues for xbox and now won’t comment on any of these threads. I could have missed it, but I went back a good amount through developer comments, and they don’t address xbox matchmaking.

That is terrible, what TRS will do most likely is going to give something for free, like a skin when they fix the problem

I haven’t had any connection issues, I play alone and in groups of 2-3 or full parties. I wonder if geographical location plays a role in it?

The more people in your party, the more likely it is NOT to find a match.

i ran into this 2 days ago. SMH

Please post your own details in this thread they just put up a couple hours ago. I’d like for TRS to get to the bottom of this pretty quickly… maybe our experiences will help a little.

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