So is Daisy Better now?

I saw in the patch notes that they redid Daisy’s AI for better monster hunting. Does anyone know “how” well little 'ol Daisy is doing?

I mean, I’m hoping since daisy doesn’t revive anymore that her tracking ability has been improved (i hope…)

Caisy is beter. Normal Daisy hasn’t changed.

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As far as I know normal daisy hasnt changed.
Wasteland daisy however, has recieved mayor changes:

  • +500 health (she now has as much hp as normal daisy)
  • no longer revives allies.
  • increased range (and damage?) on the flamethrower.
  • chases monsters aggressively now to deal as much damage as possible.

Overal these changes are great and finally waggie stands out as a trapper

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No changes to normal daisy for better hunting? :frowning:

Daisy stills needs that self destruct button


Back during consoles it was on and off. (Being stupid then being MLG!)
So, yeah, is she smart now?

Caisy (Combat Trapjaw) is the one who got changed. The normal Daisy didn’t get anything.

I honestly feel a bit eh about her new ai. She tends to be overaggressive and charge at the monster non stop… especially at stage 3 when the monster is behind cover and the team is positioned at the relay. It’s similar to how the hunter ai charge at the monster and dome it instead of waiting at the relay with the team.

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