So I'm getting 4 player lobbies again



Playing tonight, and it seems that matchmaking is a big bugged again. Had multiple occasions where we got put into 4 person lobbies and it didn’t start searching for new players.

Anyone else get this after the 2.07 patch?


SO yea this is definitely a thing. Monster player left, another reason why this is relevant,

And then we played against a bot rather than requeuing.


I’m not sure I’ve actually ever seen this functionality work properly. Just a few days ago even prior to this patch (in 2.06) my friend and I ended up in a 4-person game, I was concerned but waited it out because it was of course supposedly going to reset the lobby when we never got a 5th… nope, never happened. It just started up with a bot (monster, in this case). To be clear, in this case nobody left; we just ended up in a 4 person lobby, never saw a 5th at all.

The lobby in general is still a real mess anytime I’m in a party honestly, enough so that I’ve been really surprised I’ve seen nobody else here complaining about it. Sometimes it’ll start up not assigning a role, we’ll have to select it manually? Sometimes we’ll just get shunted back to the start of the matchmaking repeatedly after we’ve already selected characters; this might be because people are leaving and it’s working as intended… but there’s no clear way to tell if that’s what’s happened as far as I can see and it just makes the whole thing look broken. Especially when we’re shunted back and it’s all the same people in the lobby, so who left?

Perhaps the absolute worst though is how I’ll occasionally actually end up not in a lobby while my friends/party leader will. Just punted back to pre-lobby menu with a message I can’t remember exactly, which I should screencap next time I see it. I haven’t seen this in a while though… but that’s because my friends aren’t even really trying to play anymore, partly because of the bad impression the whole shonky matchmaking gives. :disappointed_relieved:


If someone leaves a lobby and immediately re-queues, it’s very likely they’ll end up in the same exact lobby. I had someone griefing us with it. Back when incentives for not getting your desired role were first introduced and parties were exploiting it by selecting prefer monster, someone realized some people in the lobby were doing it and waited until the timer had five seconds, left and immediately re-queued to join the lobby again. Also had people exploiting this when they didn’t get their role, to kind of… re-roll the dice against the other players who also preferred it.

I’ve also experienced the bug you described, where the party leader enters a lobby but you don’t. If I recall correctly the message just says “Failed to join lobby: session is full.”


Yeah, I had it, too. I searched for 5 minutes in QuickPlay. Always 4 player lobbies or people leaving because they didn’t get their role. Had the bug where I could not leave the lobby and had to exit Evolve via Task Manager. Then waited in ranked for 5 minutes as a monster (which even had the faster queue according to the message). Found no opponents.
For me, quitting Evolve and playing Witcher 3 fixed my rising anger level. :wink:

Later we played some dope customs and after that we searched with a party of four. That was okay. Of course 80% of the people left because they didn’t want to play monster (against us) but I’m used to that and the system automatically researches in that case. Playing Evolve publicly always gives you a lot of time to watch videos. I’m in season 2 of Arrested Development right now. ^^


4? I can’t get more than 2 lol.



Just wanted to to direct everyone to this topic for matchmaking issues.