So if I understand good


Caira can spam infinite grenade all the time everywhere… hmmm. Ok.
And they say she’s not OP. Just played with a level 33 friend and he litterally spammed grenades all the time during 7min NON STOP. The Goliath we faced had 0 chance…
What the heck devs?


No, you don’t understand correctly. She has three grenades in the barrel, and then a somewhat long reload. That was probably a hacker or glitch.


Your topic title.

I don’t even…

I’ve never been frustrated by a Caira as a monster player. If you’re having trouble focusing a target down as a monster you just spread around your damage so that the healers/Hank have to pick and choose targets. This invariably leads to a downed hunter.

Rinse. Repeat. Win.


*4 Grenades per mag

I just know cause I play her all the time.


I played her awhile back and I thought it was three? Hm.

I’ll trust you, but only because Caira is your profile pic. :wink:


Caira heals herself less than her teammates, she cannot withstand continued assault by the monster.


It’s a long reload time. She can be a beast from what I see. I almost have her unlocked and I am excited.


@Rapterror 4 grenades per mag and a long(ish) reload time.

Caira has nice burst healing and AoE healing, the fact that she needs to reload brings it down a notch. Spreading damage isn’t as good against her as it is against Val, to beat it focus down a target (Caira works nicely if you care about the healing).


I swear man, anytime anyone has a question from now on, I’m just going to direct them to you.

Even if it’s not Evolve related.

Even if it’s in real life.


Thanks, but I’d rather just occasionally pop into threads and maybe know the answer. I just tend to observe, @Maddcow will be the one that’s sat down and tested these things with his buds. Sometimes I’ve been wrong (like expecting pounces and feeding to trigger sound spikes, apparently they only do if the monster moves a bit while taking the action).


Ya, now that I have the release I should make a hard case for everything. There are some things I thought were set in stone and have since changed :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t mind joining in or learning the results.


Caira can be tricky to deal with, but with proper focus you can take her down. She can’t out-heal focused Goliath damage, even with Elite and reload or capacity perk. Also, she can’t heal at all if you’re knocking her back with attacks or abilities.


Sweet. I need to compile a long ass list of everything I want to find out. The Class Skills being affected by reload is mind blowingly huge.


I wouldn’t mind helping out either !

And ‘affected by reload’, you mean reload perks/buffs ?


Going to be honest, I thought that was common knowledge :slight_smile: it is pretty huge to find out but there’s no class skill specific perk. Just those rock wankers building a wall between the two with wildlife buffs.

@b1nge Yup. Class skills recharge faster with the reload perk.


It used to be that they didn’t. I remember Macman really wanted to have class skills not be altered by perks because it was much easier to balance. A game built around a 60 second cooldown is MUCH different than a 43 second cooldown. I was fine with Megamouth Perk being the only one. Also, why have a Reload elite perk AND Megamouth Elite perk when they do the same?


Wait, so the ‘item switch & reload’ buff as well as the ‘class ability cooldown’ buff both give shorter reload to your abilities?


Like I said, megamouth’s just splitting the community with it’s weird perk. Bloody wankers they are.

@b1nge the reload/recharge perk you can choose at the beginning of the game affects all four, yes. The Megamouth buff affects class cooldowns alone, I’ve no idea what the switch and reload wildlife buff covers but given how it’s two perks rolled into one it probably omits the class ability (imagine the mobile arena on such a short cooldown from that perk o_0).


I have her elite skin if that helps prove it XD