So if i buy a founders / game key now


can i activate it on Steam to get the founders stuff ?

or it will say that i allready own the game and the key wont work ?


It worked for me. But my computer cant even run evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it will grant you founder status. :slight_smile:


now the question is… now that i’ve played evolve, am i still able to activate a founder’s key? mmm


Eeyup! You most certainly can.


There should be something in your DLC called ‘Evolve Founder’ that you need to make sure is checked on to get the bonuses.

If for whatever reason that is not available, you need to submit a 2K support ticket because TRS cannot fix that issue themselves :slight_smile:


Can confirm. Played F2P for two days then bought Deluxe Edition key from a third party side. Redeemed it on steam and unlocked the following characters no problemo.


If the GPU is the problem, slap in a GTX 750TI or a GTX 950 from ASUS that does not require additional power connectors. Easiest upgrade a non-tech savvy person can make.

GTX 950:

GTX 750TI:

SFF 750TI: ( For tiny PC cases)


Computer = laptop

And I have no idea what any of that meant =P


Ah. Then you are boned good sir.

Did you try turning down the resolution to minium 800x600?
And turning down settings to the new minimum option ?


Good to know, also was this game always demanding? Because my 680 slightly struggles at times


im playing this game with a 660ti oc on max setting without any fps issues smoot as silk


Apparently they actually lowered the minimum settings to make it less demanding? That’s what they said in the original stage 2 rundown at least.


Welp when the beta first came out I did. So now there is a Ultra shitty computer setting now?


Yep, that’s the new minimum setting. Used to be Low was the lowest you could go.

It’s literally called minimum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could be my CPU


You have Vsync on?