So I was bored and I found something


So last night I was on my phone, just researching Evolve stuff, and I came across a page that has some drawings of a monster. Not sure if it was an Evolve monster, but it would definatley fit in the game... The monster was large, with big blisters or bubbles on its back, and a strange sack near its stomach
with little insects or something coming out! And I cant for the love of me, find this dang page again! My history was deleted when I got home from school (probably my sister) and I lost my mind trying to find it again. Please let me know if you guys know anything about this wierd new monster, and where to find it. Thanks


I think that's the Host/Parasite, or Swarmer. It's an old, old monster concept art, and it was scrapped a long time ago.


Hm. Good to know


There's a whole thread of similar things here:

Have fun. It's a great read.


Just searched up Evolve host/parasite monster early concepts and that looks NOTHING like what I saw.. ?


Hold up a second, i'll find the Swarmer one:


Alright, much like yourself, i couldn't find the concept art again. It might be somewhere on the above thread, but judging from this-

-it was one of the old ones that got scrapped. There were a lot of them.

Currently, Behemoth is the only other Monster being teased at all. The fifth one will have its turn eventually, but not yet.


Ok. Cool. Glad I can stop staying on for half the day stuck_out_tongue


I know that feeling. smile Last year, before everything was revealed, we used to get one glimpse of anything at all and stay on for ages. Good times.


Speaking of Behemoth, does anyone know when he comes out? I suspected March 15 to be the big day. Ha, get it?


Hehe, yeah, but no. We have a pretty strong feeling that Behemoth will be featured in the livestream on March 20th, but we know he'll be rock and rolling into people's games some time before Spring ends in America. So before the end of June, I'll say, but no specifics.


Aw darn. I was way off XD


Oh well....


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