So I used torvald after the patch *facepalm*


I was all exited because I heard he got patched then I used him and he’s just as bad as he used to be! What the hell even changed? The monster still casually strolls out of his barrages. I think mammoth birds out damage him right now honestly. Just replace him with a mammoth bird named sparky or something…I think I could do more damage as a mammoth bird seriously. Just run up to the monster and zap it and strafe around it, maybe do some sick parkour and jump around so it can’t hit me. But I digress, the point is…clears throat torvald is pure fucking dog shit. There I said it. Feels good I guess


It’s a skillshot. You have to coordinate


Are you a console player? He’s been trash on PC for a while now.

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Yeah I’m on ps4.

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Yeah i was hoping TRS would revert some of his nerfs when they saw what it did to him on PC, but now everyone gets a trash assault :stuck_out_tongue:


This :joy:

But yeah Torvald has been lacking for a while now. Since Arena patch I believe. I thought he was tolerable on PC but people tell me it’s just as bad.


Sucks that you pretty much ignore the mortars in his kit the majority of the time if you ever play him, which nobody does. I’ve only ever successfully used them to help protect a body for laz, but I’d rather him have a more reliable secondary weapon like the other assaults. I don’t know how to fix it because faster mortars were OP before. Maybe change his mortars to a cluster bomb or something. Or make them semi auto so you can pick and choose where you want them to land.

OR get rid of the mortars, but keep the launcher on his back and make it rise up from behind him and face forward, then fire a barrage of small missiles. Fits in with the auto shotgun and shrapnel grenade style too.


No its a psychic shot. Use your psychic powers to predict where the monster will be half an hour later and land your mortars when the get thete


Is this still true? I went in and tested torvald and it seemed like the gravity change was reversed.


Yeah they still have invisible parachutes attached to them


He’s still the same at least officially. TRS hasn’t said anything that it has been reverted.


Yeah when torvald came out I didn’t really like him because everyone spammed mortars all day but honestly even I don’t like the changes instead of nerfing his dps into the ground how about buffing his shot guns damage, bringing back the old dps on his mortar cannons but increasing reload speed and nerfing damage a little and boost the effectiveness of his shrapnel grenade because lets be honest nobody can hit them not even if you were aiming directly at them

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I’ve fired at a goliath right as he starts the rock-throw animation from ~25m away while he was harpooned.

He’s had enough time to throw the rock, melee swipe to break the harpoon and jump away.

The gravity change to the mortars is the problem. They hang in the air twice as long as they used to. At 50m, the mortars hang in the air for over 3 seconds on level ground. That’s an eternity.

Undo the gravity change and he’ll be fine.


On the bright side, you can make some pretty awesome shots with them. I’ve had a Wraith abduct me directly into my barrage. On topic though, his mortars do need to be reworked. The slow fall and spread is what kills them. They also tend to hit the ceiling in caves.


I don’t agree. As things stand I miss more often than I hit with Mortar Cannons - it feels like an achievement that I’ve managed to - but that’s the way it should be. If I hit more often than I missed with them the Monster wouldn’t stand a chance. That’s their concept - very-high damage but risky chance of connecting.

Personally I rarely aim actually at the target itself, but rather at one of the points it’s likely to head toward in the next few seconds, i.e. at another Hunter. I also tend to fire in a spread, moving the indicator as the shells are released. Optimally I keep at the shorter end of medium range, cycling between one volley of Mortar Cannons and one volley of Assault Shotgun.

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With proper leading and a Monster not dodging they should be landing consistently.

The risk of them not landing and the skill of leading with them is cheapened without a proper reward.

Pre-nerf they were healthily consistent - assuming the player led the Monster properly and the Monster didn’t dodge.


There is a proper reward - very high damage when they hit.


I’d rather have a healthy consistency with much lower damage than a shot that is less of a risky poker game and more of a slot machine gamble.

Skillshots are great and appreciated. Sweet tags, tranqs, or weakspots from across the map are great skillshots. His Mortar Cannons are NOT a skillshot. A skillshot requires skill. They are luckshots, at this point.

Torvald’s uniqueness was built around his Mortar Cannons. It’s what separates him from the other Assaults, but nerfing that to the ground was a huge mistake.

If he’s doing too much damage, just lower the damage. Not that hard. Instead of changing the mechanic to be pathetic.

I love Torvald’s concept, but his execution is poor. He has never been the same since the six-feet-under dirt nerf.

Like I say all the time, reverse the gravity, lower the damage.


I liked its consistency and reward before the nerf.

If it had to be changed from that, I’d have it either have more delay and more damage, or more damage and more cooldown, or weaken his shield and shotgun to emphasize counterplay.

I agree that the mortars are extremely unreliable right now.


Depends on how you play with him I’d say. He is not build around consistent dps like for example Hyde, but he makes way up for it if you can hit a Mortar clip once in a while.

The Shotgun is still really strong.
The Shrapnel Grenade weakspots increase your teams damage by a lot in case you got a Slim or even Hank in the lineup.
The Mortars require you to be patient and not spam them or they will underperform like any other Assault played wrong. Just play him more passive or rather defensively with the Mortars, punishing the Monster when he commits on a team member. Hitting Mortars with the new gravity is just a matter of getting used to it.

He just feels really shitty against certain Wraith’s and Sky-Kraken’s, but which Assault doesn’t…

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