So I took the latest Behemoth out for a stroll


Feels really good, I missed a TON of shots. but Bob feels just about right.


What was that Transformers dialog in the background?


Don’t you tempt me, Kathryn. A Bob that feels just right? You are building a hype in me like NO OTHER.


Oh Bobbies feeling good for sure.

Control, accelleration and roll speed are all on point.

Before to get that i would have to perk out haste.

Granted though thats my first run through with Bob and you know…



Oh, baby.

If it weren’t for this cursed college work I would be playing the fuck out of Behemoth right now. All you are doing is creating more HYPE when I have no way to release it, Kathryn!!!

That being said, I will still be a tad grumpy if he’s not gonna get any fundamental boosts, like an increase to health, armor and melee damage (because 10 extra melee damage isn’t that noticeable), but higher mobility is an undeniable buff to Behemoth.




This is a huge step for Behemoth! Can’t wait to see if he can hold in pubs/custom group games tomorrow!


Haven’t had time to check.

Did 2.08 actually change anything for behemoth?


More under the hood tweaks concerning traversal mechanics mostly.


soo uhm when will he be released? :slight_smile:

I have a question BTW, remember the event multiplier where we get players a 10x XP and silver keys?
I actually took that for granted and leveled up my behemoth in training mode and got the elite skin :smile:
and im actually not a founder, so my question is: will my behemoth stay in that stage after the time hes been released and play it in multiplayer mode? because in HALO reach, when you play as single player and level up to the highest, and then play multiplayer, your level goes back :slight_smile:


Yes! Behemoth better be back better than ever!


It is amazing the amount of tweaks they do with Behemoth each week…

Ok, here is one of the best parts about that game play…

While using keyboard and mouse, there was absolutely zero strafing needed in traversal. See, Bob controlled two different ways.

If you used a controller you could traverse the lands with an occasional bump into terrain or something, but you could go where you needed… (for the most part)

If you used a Kb and mouse, (something i just adapted too recently thanks to @TRSCOMMUNITY and the first thing I noticed was that Bob needed to use strafe in the movements in order to get any type of decent flow with the traversal.

Now enter patch 2.0.8 and the above play is all controlled with the mouse.



I also played Bob last night and he feels very good.

His slow traversal initiation is gone, his traversal always has the same speed, he can just roll over small wildlife. He felt really, really good.

Didn’t see anything in the patch notes but they sure changed his traversals.


They never give us patch notes on Bob, prob because he is unreleased to the public as of yet. We founders though sure do get a lotta fun though until SHEAR is over run with Rock monsters. (thats when i play wraith)


Man, i can confirm. Behemoth feels so much better atm, FeelsGoodMan.

The time of Bob’s release from prison is getting closer and closer. :behemoth: