So I see Rock Throw is still Bugged


Pretty sure I ended the game about 1 min later…

Poor hunters

Not ONLY did he get insta downed, but his incapacitated health DROPPED to half as well

talk about overkill

Medic went down as well, but even though the rock throw didn’t insta down, damage seeped into the incapacitated health as well. Is this intentional?


Definitely not intentional, I’ve seen this a few times. The damage radius for the Rock seems to linger for a moment.


When a player is incapped, their health is set to… I believe 75%. I don’t believe the damage carried over to incap when you nailed the medic.

As for the rock throw on poor Hank…

Looking carefully, it seems you threw the rock at a nook, or to be more specific with it, at the part where the wall meets the ground. The rock hit the wall and ground simultaneously, creating two bursts of area damage, instantly destroying the support. As far as why his incapped state also took damage…? Hmm.

Ah-ha! It also looks like you clipped Hank with the rock as well. So he was hit by 3 rock throws because you landed the hit on the wall, ground, and hank, all simultaneously(ish). Two hits incapped him, the third hit damaged his incap health. It also makes a very cool sound, you can hear the additional impacts.

That’s my analysis anyway.


Thats nice. When Rock throw bugs out for me it does like 20% damage or less -_-


This has already been Fixed on PC and will be fixed on Xbox in an upcoming patch. This can’t be fixed in a Micro-patch though.


and PS4? /10char


Yes, it will also be fixed on PS4 at the same time :smile: