So I REALLY don't like Sunny's voice


Sunny’s voice lol I don’t feel like it matches her at all and it’s just really squeeky I was expecting it to be deeper than the average females voice and more stern. Instaed we get this squeeky awkward sounding voice … WHY! lol
I seriously just don’t like her voice.
Am I the only one that feels this way about it?


I like her voice, its got a sort of endearing tone to it. Also, how old is she? She doesnt seem very old, younger than Caira id guess, and Caira is pretty young


Why would it be more stern and deeper? It was already known she’d be the optimist of the group, all cheery and hyperactive.

Anyways, I like it, it sounds kind of familiar.


Really? I feel like she is suppose to be really young but sounds like a 45 year old chain smoker


I personally don’t like it either, I don’t know why it just has a weirdness to it. I dunno


No stop it, your opinion is WRONG her voice si bad and she should feel bad! lol (applies sarcasm font)

But seriously it’s REALLY squeeky and high pitched more so than even the average females voice and I have no idea how old she is but her personality would suggest something really young.

@Silverfox I didn’t know that I was just going off the picture of her she seems a lot more hardcore than the other females. The other medics looks confident but they don’t look got the strong look to them. She is bigger, has more manly looking features than the rest of the woman. So I expected something deeper. Something kinda similar to maggie in terms of tone at least maybe even a LITTLE bit deeper than that not much.


In the canon stories she’s 18 when she supposedly dies, but I don’t know how much time has passed since then. So she’s at least 18


Eh idk, i could just be crazy (actually a very distinct possibility). I think the thing thats weirdest about T4 is that no one has anything to comment about how Torvald is a bare naked cyborg with an amazing voice


Not really getting that from her appearance, most of that bigness is from her mechanical suit, she kind of looks to be as slim as Val actually.

Plus the manliness vibe is probably what you’re getting from her ethnicity, pretty sure she’s afro-asian. Which I honestly don’t understand why you would myself, afro-asian woman are probably the most attractive woman on the planet to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, he’s as badass as I thought he would be, if not more!


Am i honestly the only person that hasnt read the damn canon, she died like how much am i missing :c


Sunny’s lines made me cringe. And I have a feeling that would be the intent with someone like me.



Just getting more of the female demographic, 3 woman hunters and a half naked chiseled cyborg. I know there’s a team name in there but I am at a loss to what it could be.


Seems like some people are somehow hearing two different tones? One says she sounds old the other high and squeaky. Either way I like how slims voice sounds like he went through a filter, and Torvald is naked.


Crow’s voice is more annoying imo.

“You know what to do”
'Gobi find us a BIIIIIIIG Monster" finds mammoth bird


Something awesome


Straight feminists.


Gonna toss in my opinion that sunny easily has the worst voice and dialog by far.

Cringe inducing and nothing else.


Assuming that she’s been in this dimension the whole time since that event, rather than in some weird wormhole situation that has dumped her on Shear (or nearby) years in the future despite time not passing for her. IDK


because they upped the dialogue with tier 4, but want to do the same with everyone else too. We all like the dialogue too much!