So I played behemoth.. I don't see anything wrong (My first impression)


Haven’t lost with him yet and I did around 8 matches so far

So for my first impression.

To begin with, hats off to TRS, Behemoth is just a beauty all around. His movement speed is Lower but Its barely affect anything at all ( at least for me), All his moves are just amazing, I absolutely love seeing wildlife fly up when being stuck with fissure or rock wall. I read some peoples complaining about how buggy Rock wall is but I find its work well enough to be worth it ( long as it not to close to behemoth). I rarely have problems filling his armor bar up since I like the feeding speed perk on him. Also I read some people’s doesn’t enjoy how fast his armor/Hp goes down. I personally like the extra challenge and its make you be more tactical when engaging.

His ball form is also lovely, if I had to nitpick I would say I didn’t enjoy being stopped dead in my track due to a megamouth but other then that’s I havnt really found to many problems with rolling,

Honestly I don’t see where the hate is coming from for behemoth, I see nothin majorly wrong with him. He quite enjoyable and totally worth it ( if you didn’t pre order). Hell I say don’t buff or Nerf him.

First DLC monster is a success in my book, keep them coming TRS :star2:

He might just have a slightly bigger learning curve is all


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