So i made some mod on Left for Dead


Hello everyone,it’s been a while.I love the Warhammer40k franchise and i play Left for Death (2,cough cough) a lot,so i made some mod on L4D2 that is Dawn of war related.Although this is shamelessly promotion,i also want to get some opinion about that
So,here are my mod

Race theme music:This is some of the mod where i tried to fit Dawn of War’s race’s theme music

Specific character quote mod :I replace certain type of survivor or infected with voice pack from famous commander/unit from certain race


I’m not gonna lie, i probably won’t be using the mod personally as I’m not a Warhammer fan, at all.

However, it’s really cool you made mods for L4D2, and you shouldn’t feel bad about a little shameless self promotion. :]


Yeah,it one of those thing that you wish that could happen,then you realize you are capable of doing that so you did it just for the sake of having it.I believe one of my mod catch some attention because as far as i know it is the only mod that replace common infected voice (I could be dead wrong tho).

So yeah,i am please about how thing turn out