So, I left my first game as monster today


Join up Rescue, game in progress, as a bot Wraith with 2 bars of health and no armor. 3 survivors rescued, 1 killed, all other other survivors 30 meters from the rescue while I’m 150 meters away.

Seriously, this placement into games in progress that can not be won in any way should be fixed asap.

Also, I had monster set to my 5th preference, and I was placed into the game the same second I pressed find game.


You are going to have a hard time playing as hunter in Evacuation.Simply because there are so many 4-man parties there waitting for a monster.


Suck up the loss, in fact just sit in one spot and let the game end. Then you can play as normal.

That said, I don’t like that the game puts people in as monster if their monster pref is 5. I keep getting put in against parties of 4, what does 5th pref monster mean if “don’t put me against a party of 4”?