So I just wanted to say


I know that some of this falls under ‘Bugs’, but I wanted to post this as a message that, hopefully, someone from Turtle Rock will read.

  • AI seems way too OP on Solo. I don’t consider myself ‘great’ but in the beta I was walking all over most people as the monster. I won maybe 9/10 matches. In solo I won 3 out of 15? I am glad there is a challenge, but I went to solo so I wouldn’t get my ass handed to me. Maybe I feel like being a 2 story op behemoth from time to time without hearing another person complain?
  • In addition, I’ve encountered bug after freaking bug. The game in and of itself is great and well polished…except when it doesn’t work. I’ve not noticed any real issue with clipping (outside of a normal amount), or such…but it has crashed numerous times.
    I went through Evacuation, winning 2 times in 3 rounds, and as I’m levelling up on round 4 it crashes. I lost all of my progress. I don’t want to touch Evacuation now because the AI is OP at times and it crashes so frequently.
  • I was playing multiplayer and got through 2 rounds. Round 1 I was the Trapper, and the monster still won. It was a decent game. Round 2 I was the Wraith, and in 6 minutes I had managed to find enough food to get to level 3 and stay hidden the entire time. I even employed what I thought were sneaky tactics…then it hangs on me. The game is still running…well the animation and menus still work…I don’t really know if the network was still going. 2 rounds on multiplayer…

I just want to say I’m not being overly negative about this game. I loved it in beta, and thought I would love it post release; which is why I bought it. But everything I’ve seen in the 10 hours I’ve played has soured me. The DLC skins are a little overpriced IMO, but I don’t have to buy it and it doesn’t make me angry.

How could MP seem easier than solo, and this game have fewer ‘glitches’ in its own beta?

EDIT: I also wanted to point out that in MP on the beta I never felt like the game was out of balance to the point where, “oh he has an advantage.” Almost every round, even if we lost, I wanted to congratulate the person and say, “that was a hell of a match.”