So i just tried p.parnell on overpowered


if you tought it was near impossible to win overpowered as monster, with paladin parnell its impossible.

so basically you take 5 red buffs, and to compensate you take jump/jump/rocket king which is crazy vs golaith, rocket/rocket/rocket or rocket/damage resistence/damage resistence.

this increased my number of rockets from 5 to 12,i was able to reload the rocket launcher in a single second,and after i used p.parnell super soldier i would recharge considerably fast, and i would swap to weapons instantly.

this allowed me to save my teammates from death when they had like 200, activating my super soldier and just unload a barrage of missles,i was actually outhealing the monsters burst,and bring a teammate from 200 to full.

now the monster never focused me,so i cant tell you what would have happend if he did, when he realized i was dealing less damage then i could heal, he straight up kept running, and we won by time.

yes it was wraith, yes he didint have abduction,yes he only had 2 red buffs, 1 blue and one yellow.


Griffin is pretty obscene with all red perks on that map too… it’s like a half second reload time + instant swap speed.


Overpowered is so hunter favored it hurts.


I won a match on Overpowered as Goliath against a team with a Griffin the other day, I put it up there with my greatest achievements in life


Rewriting that I kill as wraith on op map but today I went against p.parnell and it’s the worst loss I’ve ever suffered lol