So I just Soloed a Brohemoth


As Sunny on Fusion Plant.

Guy had Full Health and everyone was dying left and right leaving me and the Brohemoth to duke it out…

It mostly consisted of me defending the Relay from the top platform and just abusing the fact that he didn’t put any points into Tounge Grab…

It was a long ass 30 minute match but I was able to burn through enough idiot Teammates to ware him to down to death. Collectively my team did about three full Health Bars of damage (maybe less really) while I had to go through multiple layers of armor and the remaining 12+ bars of Health (he had Health Regen too).

He was doing some good shots with his Lava Bombs and Rock Walls from down there but with my trusty medic Health Regeneration Perk I was able to tank all sorts of damage. Everytime he tried to climb up to the top I’d just hop to the other platform and proceed to blow him up.

I ended the game doing 35K+ damage to this Monster. I guess it is possible to Solo a Monster if you can outrun a fat one.

The Shield came in handy but it was ouside the whole time as a back up.

The joy of winning after seeing my team get two strikes each before Stage Three was nice. I made sure to keep strikes off my health because theres no point going to get yourself killed for idiots.


Okay, I’m done celebrating. Feel free to judge.


No tongue grab?


Serves him right for not having tongue grab.


Good job, good win, i was thrilled when i got a kraken as sunny


He should have just rockwalled then hit relay lol.


Yeah it took me a bit to realize that he didn’t have any points in Tounge Grab until I noticed that all I was seeing was Lava Bombs, Fissures and Rock Walls with no licking in between.


Yea i only beat the kraken by sheild generator and dodging to keep it charged while i tryed to get direct hits


I soloed a Behemoth as Cabot by using wallhacks and kiting. He was a REEEEAAAAAALLY bad Monster. :joy:


And this, ladies and gents, is why you always have at least ONE point in Tongue Grab :stuck_out_tongue:

I am curious, though, did he try to do the Rockwall+Relay Tickle thing like… at all? I mean… seems he had plenty of opportunity to do it (Hell, even w/o Rockwall… you gotta reload eventually, and slivers add up!). He’d of been able to afford doing it while eating grenades, unless he was just that easily ‘convinced’ to chase you :wink:


Like Th0mas said, he should have just rock wall’d and hit the relay. Lol would have won easily xD good job on your solo though!


Yeah I was worried about this and he did try to destroy focus the Relay and he was going to get it but my team respawned like the fifth or so time and they helped get him off. He was panicking, I could tell by the time I got him down to half health.

It was funny watching this fat thing run around trying to figure out what he should do…


should just have pressed ctr+leftclick


I didn’t think Sunny could shoot fast enough to stop a monster destroying the relay… Especially with rock wall! Well done though :slight_smile:


Well he was winning in the damage race on the relay but he was panicking…

I’d freak too if I went from full HP to 4 bars remaining to one player, I’d be so confuzzled.


Behemoths definitely the best monster to try and solo


i just 1v1 a Kraken as Laz an killed it…beat that ^^


Did he say anything after the match.


I have a similar story to tell, you see, i was playing online with some friends. it was a nest game and it was on medlab. I was playing bucket… i was the sole survivor without any strikes when the stage three goliath and his little minion came looking for me. solo, i manged to evade to generally wear down enough health for my teamates to return and take some of the pressure of. i was last alive again when i killed the monster. i dont know what happened but i managed to score a whopping 40,000 total damge (inb4 eggs and minions) but thats gotta be impressive for bucket right?


Soloed a Goliath as Crow before.
I felt bad.


Managed to take out a half health behemoth with torvald. Those health bars just melted away so fast.