So I just realised Sunny's robotic backpack wouldn't help her lift the Mininuke Launcher

I hadn’t really paid much attention to Sunny’s design until I logged on today.

As I watched her picking it up and putting it down, she rotated just enough for me to notice something. The backpack has no mechanical connection to her leg-assisting system, there’s just a cable for what I assume is wires.

This means that all the weight of the Mininuke Launcher is still using Sunny’s spine for support, and the arm wouldn’t actually support any of that weight.

So what’s up with that?



Light-weight materials ? Perhaps ? Idk.


Mother of Gwynevere, its beautiful



That guy is legitimately my idol

I love the guy, he’s great.

Not as cool as Bill Nye tho


He’s cooler imo. :smile:

Ive always liked bowties over regular ties, just…cooler

Dear god, did I just watch a snuff gif?

So you’re right in that it doesn’t help her carry the weight, but as others have pointed out light-weight materials fix this issue. The BIG benifits I see from it out that she could load it easier (it frees up a hand) and it can absorb any recoil into the arm instead of hers.

So still useful. :slight_smile:

Also your shoulders are generally stronger than your wrists, so while it wouldn’t help with holding the weight it would help with accurate movements and aim etc

Perhaps she is largely strong enough to lift it (it doesn’t actually look all that bulky), but the mechanical arm assists with weight distribution.

Maybe she needs it because of some injury from the explosion of the sword.

While it never said she died and obviously she is alive, I doubt that she didn’t suffer some sort of injury which may or may not have left her with some neural or physical damage that prevents her from using her equipment without mechanical assitance

Just my theory

Oooh good one!

That hand is bandaged up as well. Your thoughts have merit!

Plus I imagine no matter how light the materials are, that mininuke launcher is gonna weigh quite a bit just from the ammo. I imagine it would use something like uranium which is a pretty dense material as a core for the grenades

Gotcha guys a present…

Notice the thing in the center. Also she wears a harness that puts weight onto her shoulders. And yes, it is okay if you’re looking at Caira’s ass.

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