So I just lost my level and progess [Xbox One]


I was level 13 yesterday. Now when I started the game up today I had to set the brightness, screen bounds, and play the tutorial again. To my surprise, I am level one now. However, I still have my emblem that I leveled up to get, so I don’t know how that works.

Any help?


This is an ongoing problem caused by 2K. It would probably help more if you filed a ticket on their website/forums.



OK thanks, I just submitted one


No prob man. You probs won’t get your progress back, sorry to say, but they can fix the issue. It seems to only be on XBone when you accept game requests. As much as it sucks, my advice to you would be to not accept game requests. And yes, it can happen more than once, so be careful.


Yeah it reset when I accepted the request. Maybe that can get some stuff my my 2k account that I linked with it? I don’t know…


Idk man, I haven’t accepted any game requests in fear of losing my adorable squidfaced bb.