So I just had my first frozen match


When a match freezes, most people see it as a “curse”. But I see it as a gift because I can just run freely around the map, looking at wildlife up close, seeing the details of the monster, find placed I would have missed and more. I hope I get another frozen match again! Wish me luck


Ikr! I love it when it happens, I can just explore until it unfreezes (it happens).


I use it to try and get some cool screenshots :smile:


Is that his liver I see??


I’m pretty sure that’s his everything lol. He’s got a lot hanging out when he stands up.


sure its fun the first time but when it starts happening often its annoying as hell



just let frozen go allready!


It’s the only Disney movie inspired by Norway, I have all the rights to love it like a 10 year old!

Also, you bumped a four day old post, talking about letting it go. :stuck_out_tongue:


guess you made your point clear xD