So i just had a game


so i started a game with sunny against a wraith level 1. and as soon as we tried to hunt him. he ambushed me and killed me in like 2 seconds using decoy and wraith blast. 2! i was so confused when i got a down. how is this possible? am i missing something? am i just a noob vs wraith?

whatever happend i smell hacking creeping in.

ps:funny enough the wraith was winning and let himself get hit with full armor until half health, taunting us,sad for him he didint read about the 12 minute match patch note and he did this like 3 times, we won the game by timeout, either that or he let us win.


Do you happen to know his abilities at the beginning? He may have put most of his points in one or the other and hard focused you.

With the perk selection he could have damage increase or something, so it’s hard to tell without asking that player how he did it.

He could be great at surprise attacks on one player and then during a full blown battle doesn’t have the experience against a full team.


Most monsters can kill you with a few abilities if they catch you unware even at stage one.

That said, Wraith’s decoy seems to be doing a lot of damage at the moment. With decoy, warpblast, and abduct I’ve found I can wipe most teams at stage one as long as I can get at least one strike on someone in an early engage.


Are you sure you were on full health? Or you didn’t get hit by any wildlife?


I’ve done this to people a lot, they probably were full health as the people I’ve done it too certainly were… Since decoy doesn’t knock people back, it can wail on the person while they are flying through the air. If the support doesn’t shield them and the medic doesn’t heal them, they’ll die pretty quick.


It’s a shame when you meet players that are poor sportsmen, hopefully this isn’t something you find with any kind of regularity! But as others above have said, Wraith specialises in taking out single targets quickly. Against wraith it’s really important you have each others’ backs at all times. If you start getting attacked by Wraith make sure to use your shield burst to help keep you up, and make sure your medic knows you’re being attacked (if you have voice comms, definitely start using it!) because their heals can, in combination with your shield burst, keep you alive.


This ^

Coordination and awareness are essential in this game. Every little bit of information you can share with your team will increase your chance of success.


Hehe, I like that