So I just ate a trio of bacon-wrapped soft flaky oven baked biscuits filled with mozrella cheese and now I think I might die


Can you relate to my situation?


You’ll die full and happy, so there’s that.


I lead a cursed existance. My body is actually really bad at dealing with pork.


R.I.P. Toilet…


I can’t stop laughing omfhg I cant breathe


Oh. :cry: I guess my time has passed.



This sounds delicious… why are there no picture’s?


That’s the outcome if you eat pork…


I used to eat it constantly, but I also sick constantly. Then, by chance, 20 years into my life, I stopped eating it for like a month by chance, and I felt fantastic. The night I had it again, it was like night and day how miserable and unfocused I felt. We did a few more tests and eventually linked my constant illness to my consumption of pork. It just -destroys- me… But I love pork still. So I brave the stupid illness feeling once in a while for ribs, and bacony treats…


You certainly have enough energy to evolve
Full armour


Back in December I used to eat two bowls a day. Its so delicious! :smiley: