So I joined the Army today :)


Like I said, I am now officially a member of the Military. Ive been getting in shape for the last 8 months and finally felt I stood a chance. I joined the Army as an 18X, otherwise known as a Special Forces Candidate. I scored a 93 on my AFQT with my GT score at 127 and my CO score at 119 (SF requirements are 110 GT and 97 CO) I ship out May 25th, I am SOOOOO excited! :smile:

US military btw!



US Military I presume?


Yes sir! Sorry shoulda specified :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your service.


thank you for your service my good friend. hooah!


What SF are you gunning for (har)? SEALs? Rangers? Berets? Super Secret Super Soldier Squad? (I don’t think the last one really exists)


Well the 18X is for the Green Berets. I was thinking about joining the Rangers as a 11X option 40 because my cousin is currently in the Ranger Regiment, but he said I should be more than capable of getting through the training if I didnt quit, and that being a Green Beret seems to hold more prestige. Im not doing it for that though, Ive just had a longing to do something like that since I was maybe 8 or 9.


God bless man and good luck!


Thanks mate!


Tons of respect for you! My friend just registered for the Marines, he is super pumped.
The military really does have TONS of great benefits, I hope you find what you are looking for!


Don’t know much about the Green Berets but Rangers are freakin’ badass man.


Me too :laughing: and thank you!

Do you know what your friends MOS is? (Job?)


Oh… no. We are seniors in high school, he just signed up a few days ago :stuck_out_tongue:
He is gonna go into the band! Trumpet FTW! (He might actually be doing tuba…)


They are!

The Green Berets are more of a covert Force that slip behind enemy lines and bring the enemy down from within (namingly they try to convert the locals to support the US Military, and take down key facilities and capture high ranking enemy figures) while the Rangers handle more of the direct action operations such as going into an enemy area and destroying an important building or killing an important enemy officer. While that may sound similar, the key difference is that the GBs STAY behind enemy lines and operate for months, while the Rangers get in, do whatever they have to, and get out.

Green Berets are actually the only group in the US Military that is considered Special Forces; the Rangers, SEALs, etc, all fall under the branch of Special Operations.


Thats pretty cool! They are one of the best bands in the world!


Congrats! Good luck! I actually wanted to do this at an earlier point in my life!


Good luck and be safe!


Thank you! And if you dont mind me asking, how come you didnt? :blush:


Good luck with your military career. Make sure you get everything they owe you. They sometimes don’t like to pay out bonuses. Had that issue when I joined.


Good luck, mate.