So i heard slim said he was a human?


I recall him saying they werent going to have alien heros in the original line up- Not that there were no aliens period?


Matthew said that Chris Ashton said when the game was first made that they could have no aliens, and one robot. Matthew agreed.

He also stated that Ashton liked the idea of Emet so much that they allowed a second robot.


So there’s basically a chance of t6 having an alien hunter possibly.


The Hegemony aren’t human. I think…


Probably not. Hopefully not.


The Hegemony are human. I think they’re lacking in the sheer numbers department though if a technologically inferior group could hold them at bay. That said, I’d love to see a hegemony hunter.


What’s wrong with an alien hunter? I’m sure TRS could make one that’s not similar to Slim.


The Trello “Ready” section lists Assault and Medic, not Assault and Trapper.


Go check out the August Day 28 reward, it might have something like this

on it. Click the arrow for a picture of Renegade Abe Monarch Hunter Skin (:


Perhaps so, and I find it odd that they would release a medic, then assault, then another medic, especially when they want to re-do Sunny and put her drone and her booster on two different variants. But I can only go with what’s listed on the board for now.


Yeah, I know. With any luck we’ll get some solid information soon ^^


They also said only 1 robot. Look what happened there.


Emet is an android. :wink:


Yup, he’s that bug man.


The wildlife…


Considering what slim did to himself and his obvious PTSD, I’d say slim cared very much about the war. That being said he obviously holds no grudge against the soldiers who were on the other side, they didn’t start the war, supposedly CIG9 are the ones who broke the camels back, hence his very strong dislike of val


With a squid…


Yeah, I think the original line from the big chiefs were no aliens, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still the line, or it referenced anything other than the original planned hunters. I believe on a stream or in a conversation somewhere Matthew said one of the main barriers with an alien hunter would be how to integrate them in a way that makes sense. Alien suddenly turns up? Speaks english? Shares common goals? It’s less likely that the fact they’re an alien would stop that from happening, and more just the creative roadblocks that make it hard to make such a character fit without feeling jarring to the existing universe.


A “Your enemy is my enemy” would fit nicely in my books. Less about comradery more about simple survival.

As for the speaking bit- always loved the one idea Matt tossed out on stream once, where the alien would have a box on its body that after he’d screech out in his own language it’d translate. Screeeeeach squeak hiss clickclick ttssssss… “no


Slim is a human who agreed to the basilisc program, his DNA got mixed with a dragonfly’s one so his body reacted in a wierd form.
He was suppoused to be turned back after the war, but the scientist was killed or whatever