So i heard slim said he was a human?


There are still other variants coming out before slim would. Abe and Parnell are next down the pipeline.

The variants don’t have completely diverse skins, and are only minor changes to their clothing and features. I doubt TRS would make the Slim variant human since people could confuse it with T6. Imo, they’d make the Slim variant more bug-like.


It wasn’t a planet, it was an entire star system.


I still don’t know the name of it, lol.


It was a bunch of planets in the Basilisk Nebula, I think.


As Deimos said, the Basilisk Nebula.


Here’s a thread about it. I recommend reading through all the official lore, it’s great.


I recall him saying they werent going to have alien heros in the original line up- Not that there were no aliens period?


Matthew said that Chris Ashton said when the game was first made that they could have no aliens, and one robot. Matthew agreed.

He also stated that Ashton liked the idea of Emet so much that they allowed a second robot.


So there’s basically a chance of t6 having an alien hunter possibly.


The Hegemony aren’t human. I think…


Probably not. Hopefully not.


The Hegemony are human. I think they’re lacking in the sheer numbers department though if a technologically inferior group could hold them at bay. That said, I’d love to see a hegemony hunter.


What’s wrong with an alien hunter? I’m sure TRS could make one that’s not similar to Slim.


The Trello “Ready” section lists Assault and Medic, not Assault and Trapper.


Go check out the August Day 28 reward, it might have something like this

on it. Click the arrow for a picture of Renegade Abe Monarch Hunter Skin (:


Perhaps so, and I find it odd that they would release a medic, then assault, then another medic, especially when they want to re-do Sunny and put her drone and her booster on two different variants. But I can only go with what’s listed on the board for now.


Yeah, I know. With any luck we’ll get some solid information soon ^^


They also said only 1 robot. Look what happened there.


Emet is an android. :wink:


Yup, he’s that bug man.