So i have found someone with a very rude name and i don t know what i should do

yeah i love that guy, 10/10 would stomp him again just because

Every time I see him i tell medic to go slim since he HATES slim and it is glorious to punish that… I will not use the word he used on us.

In the past I’d play Monster and stomp the shit out of him. Post game he’d say I hack and tell everyone I’m a hacker and “Turtle Cock” doesn’t give a shit about the game xD

He’s absolutely hilarious because we just troll the guy so hard now.


This guy sounds like an absolute wanker, i’m glad people make him rage.

Accept that people can name themselves whatever they want and move on. That’s what I do.

Yes, yes he is an absolute wanker (god I never hear that used I LOVE IT)

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I was explaining to a friend how none of the DLC was P2W.

Him: Well do other DLC characters have different kits DLC hunters don’t?

Me: Yes. Every hunter has a different kit.

Him: Exactly. If you pay for it it’s obviously going to be better. Just more evidence that modern day gaming is being ruined by shitty companies and their practices.

Me: Wtf?


I’m sorry, what? :joy:


Yea, I don’t know what he would expect. Did he want another markov? If they did that people would complain as well.
People don’t understand what pay to win means.

Clearly. You know what’s even dumber than that though?

When people say that all of Evolve’s hunters are rip offs of TF2. I mean, really? What the literal fuck?


Yeah I’ve ran into him a lot. He bitches about the game constantly doesn’t he? He always complains about it right? All he talks about is how quote on quote, ‘this game is the most overhyped piece of shit.’ Yeah I’ve ran into his annoying ass

Wait wat? This is an arguement? How is that an argument? they are completely different games!

…Yet he plays the ever living shit out of it…

Oh the hypocrisy.

I’ve told him off too. I told him if he hates the game so much, why doesn’t he quit and go play another game? He is a hypocrite like crazy man.

The only way to deal with him is to enjoy the sweet victory of him freaking out when you pick slim. I laugh every time I hear him rage.


Im sorry if you found me offensive

I prefer the term billboards

What you talkin about? There was no error. xD

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No idea man. A guy tried to convince me to quit the game because all characters in the game are TF2 knock-offs. His only evidence was that Hyde has a flamethrower and a minigun, making him an OBVIOUS mix of the Pyro and he Heavy.