So i have found someone with a very rude name and i don t know what i should do

i don t know what are my options against a very very rude name, and i mean it, and i also don t know if i should spell his name on the forums

Uuuh… What console are you on ._.?

i m on PC so yeah

A tiny bit more info please :smile:

I think it is fine to say name, if it is indeed offensive or in some manner

Okay, if you know his/her exact name, look his steam profile up and report for avatar or name

okay i ll try that

it s offensive towards turtle rock

We can always just flag it and stay hidden you know

If it is bad and people should see then yes do it

Technically name and shame is prohibited on the forums, so. ^^


well in that case, his name was , he also talked about how he wanted to hack and that TRS doesn t care about hacking


eh but if it is an offense. I guess its kinda tied here. Maybe a private message

I know exactly who this guy is… Don’t worry.


awsome, thas perfect

In the future we don’t post names here to shame people. There are other ways to go about it. Via steam or PM on the forums. @thegamer118

Just a heads up.

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ah ok, does the player get a name change or a temp. ban or something??? curious

In terms of steam, I don’t know. Xbox most likely would make them change it.

The forums, if they’re a member, would handle it however they see fit.

AH THAT guy :smiley: I love that guy(/sarcasm), I always go slim and hear him rage afterwards because of the multiple times he has insulted us who play against him his previous name was much more offensive Turtle Cock = pay to win = FAIL he gets so butthurt when he loses it is absolutely beautiful :smiley:

I even posted an experience with him


I just don’t get the “pay to win” theory. You could buy everything from skins to hunters in this game but you can’t buy skills.

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