So I have come with a more or less decent strategy to deal with Krakens in Defense


So this is the team setup assuming you won Round 4.

Medic : Laz
Support : Cabot
Trapper : Abe
Assault : Markov

So the strategy here is to place the dome as close to the gate behind the generator as you can when the monster attacks. (Or a bit further out if need be). Reasoning behind this is to force the monster into a terribly tight space with the armored turrets. This should allow you to put the pain on the Monster fairly quickly and easily. You also want to mine around the Generator to burn the minions almost instantly.

Also if the monster just wishes to snipe from a distance you may as well just put the dome up ASAP and destroy the minions before they reach the generator. This buys you extra time to win for a time out.

Warning though, do NOT leave that trap up if the generator is about to go down since the minons will swarm you and basically kill you. Rinse and repeat the above strategy till timeout or monsters death.

(For anyone asks why I say Laz, its because SOMEONE will be knocked down by a T3 Monster at some point. Unless you have an amazing healer, Laz is a safer bet since he can rez peeps without downs.


Medic : Caira
Support : Hank
Trapper : Abe
Assault : Markov

Its wise to swap out the medic for Caira since the napalms are a good way to deal damage to the armored minions at a distance, Hank should also be swapped in to orbital cannon the minions who will generally path away from the generator or just stay within the strike thus killing them or weakening them enough to be delt with or even hopefully path into mines.


I’ve developed a similar strategy simultaneously with a few others I met online. However the team line up is this:

Medic: Val
Support: Cabot
Trapper: Abe
Assault: Parnell

The idea is that Val uses her tranqs to slow the minions and the Kraken down, allowing Cabot and Abe take out the minions quickly with the damage amp and supersoldier. Val also stays in an elevated position to do this while healing and sniping. When the Kraken closes in, the trapper places the dome like you did it, limiting the monster’s movement. The major lynch pin though is having a medic that can juggle healing with tranqs and the sniper.


Why would you take markov? Mines are ass in defense. I’ve only lost 1 defense ever. And that was the second time I’ve played. Here’s how you win. Pick parnell and go straight onto the monster. Screw the minons, let the turrets kill them. You can end this game mode so quickly if all four of you just attack the monster. The kraken is good at range, don’t give it range. Jetpack into him and show his massive face what a double barrel is.


This does work most of the time. There have been times though where the trapper is less than subpar and doesn’t trap the monster and the hunters end up losing. Happened to me twice.


Second time you played? :stuck_out_tongue: lol. The turrets generally do ass to the minions and im surprised you even survived a lvl 3 kraken trapped Dark.


Also yes this is a working method too. I have never considered it tbh :stuck_out_tongue: mostly because I find val such a niche healer.