So I had my surgery today!


Like the title states I finally got my surgery. Lucky for me the new insurance covered everything but the deductible (which is still a lot)

So I only have to pay 6000 dollars over the 37000 dollars it would have been. Lucky me right?

Would have made a thread earlier but as you could imagine I have been very woozy and not feeling so well.

So good news: I live for now and I’m currently a blood fountain!
Bad news: The infection was fungal (that’s super bad btw) and more things are going to have to be done to maintain this (more money!) and being a blood fountain is apparently bad for your health. I’m really light headed due to the amount of blood lost.

Sleeping is near impossible right now since the Red Sea flows out of my nose and I would destroy the bed and or drown.

But all in all its worth it. I at least tacked on a good ten years to this mortal coil I’d wager.

For those that did donate to my funds I would like to thank you. It didn’t go as intended to the surgery but it did help me not be homeless in this trying time.


Hope it all goes well for you, friend.


Yay! ^-^

Really happy for you boomy


My next and only concern now is the infection… That’s going to be a problem. No idea what the doctor wants to do about it.


You better get well dammit or I’m gonna punch that fungus in the face >: (


It has given me a lame super power.
I can take moderately harder blows to the head than most people thanks to more empty space in my head where bone is missing. I got more wiggle room.


Well shit that sounds terrible O,o

But I hope you get better soon! It’ll be a piss off if your life is shortened by a damn fungus :angry:


Google Fungal Meningitis if you ever need some nightmare fuel. That’s what my body is trying to get and what I’m personally trying to avoid.


I actually read on that back when you did that kickstarter for your surgery. It looked AND sounded terrible. But I have hope. I just got this feeling you’ll make it my man.


Glad to hear this news man, hope it will go well!


Yo CptBoomBomm, I´m sorry for what´s happening to you and I wish you all the best and a lot of power to get trough all that! Best regards from Germany!


Thanks man! I didn’t realize you had an account here.


hugs @CptBoomBoom its gonna be ok goes to fungus if you fucking touch him I will kill you shoves a fungus up the fungus’s ass there is a taste of your own medicine walks away slowly eyeing the fungus


@CptBoomBoom Glad to hear you are recovering and hope you feel better soon!!

On a side note just reading about the blood made me dizzy. Not sure why I cannot stand blood anymore.


Hey Capt! Glad to hear that things went well!!

What’s your recovery time supposed to be like?


Glad to hear it went well! I hope your recovery goes smoothly.


I’m happy to hear the surgery went well. We’re all here for you if you need us. :slightly_smiling:

I hope you make a speedy recovery with no complications, so keep us updated. :wink:


Ohh, thats bad CptBoomBomm but I wish you good health and fast healing for the future. I hope you get rid of the infection as well. You can do it!

Best regards from Germany as well here…


Not to slow. I’ll be up to normal in about a weeks time.

On a side not the bleeding has stopped so I don’t have to go back to the doctor :slight_smile:


Oh! Well that’s not too bad at all!