So I had a dream last night that I was the Behemoth. Kind of


So everything was kinda wierd.

I was hanging out with my girlfriend on some grassy field, when I suddenly decided that I needed to go and buy something from the ‘local mall’. I stepped away, and travelled to said mall, however, doing so required me to traverse a massive system of warmly lit subterranean passages and chambers, that looked a little bit like the cavern segments of the Orbital Drill map, sans technology (And being like, a good half mile high from floor to ceiling.)

Just a simple dirt road. That’s all I had to follow.

During this trip, I discovered I had the uncanny ability to shapeshift into a stage 3 behemoth. Why was this useful?

Well there were things trying to eat me. Specifically, Tyrantrum - Those being the T-rex lookin’ thingies with the fuzzy necks from the Pokemon series. Some of them were classicly colored, others had neon green fringes around their necks, all of them were very large, very fast, and very hungry. I watched them eating sheep from a distance before trying to make my way through their territory in the caves.

After a couple intense fights with these things (Which were unusually gory for my dreams), I shifted back into my human form, and continued to make my way to the mall, which was a massive brightly lit construct, easily 5 stories tall, built into a cavern wall a good five or six miles from the entrance. It had unfamiliar text in a neon sign over the tiny double-door entrance, and the rest of it’s surface was free of blemishes, save for the odd line of windows.

I don’t remember exactly what I found in there, I just know I didn’t find what I was looking for. I might’ve spoken to my father in there, I might’ve visited the arcade, but what was strangest was when I tried to leave. Instead of going through the main entrance, I decided to leave through the parking garage.

Exiting the elevator to the garage, I immedeatly spotted several people screaming and scampering around the corner. A moment later, I could see they were being pursued by a ghostly figure about 3 meters tall with glowing red eyes, thick limbs, and a head that generally resembled a cartoon rabbit.

I shouted at it to calm down, and it rudely introduced itself to me as the god Enki. He was looking for something and would demonstrate his wrath on the people in the mall if he did not find it.

I offered him aid in finding what he looked for, and he laughed, asking me how I could possibly help.

Que epic shapeshifting sequence of me turning into the stage 3 Behemoth, and scaring all the mall goers, who promptly run inside, lock the doors, and call security.

Enki seems pleased with my abilities, and urges me to return to human form so that we can leave the building unhindered. I do so, and Enki begins to shrink and twist, turning into a small scrap of plaid patterned cloth, speaking in my mind with a ghostly bellow, and following alongside me.

We leave under the noses of the bewildered security staff, who can’t find out where the two monsters went, stepping past some futuristic looking APCs, round a corner, walk up a hill in the underground caverns, and spot a trio of the aforementioned Tyrantrum chasing after an innocent mallgoer’s car as they try desperately to make it past a grouping of boulders on the road.

Stomp feet, smash hands, shapeshift into Behemoth once more, I roll down, somehow wearing the Enki-cloth as a scarf during all this, and beat the ever loving crud out of the Tyrantrum, tossing one off a cliff into the abyss, and forcing the remaining two to flee. I begin to roll through the cavern, my vision shifting to a third person view to assist with navigation, knock over a few pillars of stone. I can see the entrance to the cave again.

Then I wake up.

I think I might be playing too many video games. Or my mind just made up an awesome premise for a DLC crossover between Evolve, Pokemon, and The Sims.

Btw, @Sledgepainter if you ever feel up to drawing anything especially insane, feel free to use the previous writings to inspire you.

"You know you've played too much Evolve when you..."

You sir, need to take a break from video games :stuck_out_tongue:

Does sound like an awesome dream tough


Starting to think I need to start writing a dream journal about some of the crazyness that goes through my head each night. I get the feeling that the stuff will make a lot less sense when I read it back a few days later.


@SledgePainter, please please PLEASE draw a scarf wearing Behemoth fighting a pack of tyrantrums.


I used to know a man who spent most of his life in an asylum, and he explained that stuff like this is his normal dreams.

Not like I wouldn’t ever experience weirder shit.