So I guess it safe to say we won't see anything pass Tier 5


I know they said it’s really depended on how sales went and such, and I know no offical numbers been released, not to mention Tier 5 isn’t here yet.

But I really feel like TRS will see it’s it’s worth their time/resources to continue to invest into DLC for evolve. It’s does seems things slowed down around here, i obviously still play and will 100% get the 5th monster.

I personally find it quite sad that’s we might not see any more tiers pass the 5th :frowning:

Any else one got some thoughts


after tier 5 if red, blue and green bucket appear, you owe me a coke :smirk:


TRS have repeatedly said they’re in it for the long haul. So while that is open to a vast amount of interpretation their reputation is on the line given this is their 7+ year brainchild.

My hope is that DLC aside, new game modes, a ranked MMR system, and a plethora of bug fixes will bring people back to the game, who might then be interested in maybe paying for DLC. 30K+ played the beta on PC, 20K+ played on launch day. The numbers are there, they just need a reason to play again.


Well Evolve is a niche title. I know everyone wished it would be the next league of legends, but I guess that wont happen.
I love Evolve. It has all the elements of a great competitive shooter.

I wish they would fix all the traversal bugs though. Give it another pass of bug swatting. I think we would see more monster wins then (in high levels).


im pretty sure we will see tier 6. Im confident we will even see tier 7. Assuming tiers come out every 3 or 4 months, games usually get DLC for their full first year.


As mentioned before, they intend to be in it for the “long haul”.

That being said, once they “fix” their game, I suspect they’ll get their interest back up again. There’s still PLENTY to do in regards to it, and a whole thread of ideas of how to generate interest again.

Will we see more beyond T5? They have a whole BOOK of concept characters… I bet we might.


Unnecessary accent :stuck_out_tongue:


its really up to 2K on that, we will see T5 or a refund for not receiving it based on PC monster race getting the 5th monster and 2 T5 hunters (not sure how they are doing that but whatever.) either way the potential of the game is high but the bugs are higher, and with each new teir of hunters balancing is going to be harder and harder play test teams need to be pulled from the best of the community and TRS is slowly doing this and in my opinion there needs to be a play test server to get data on some preliminary changes with selective invites.

To get back on topic I don’t know how 2K feels about evolve, maybe if some of the decision makers of 2K watch an ESL pan out they might see more potential push out some more funding so TRS can hire some more people etc dunno their policy but people generally don’t like slow updates or buggy ones. ( people are hard to please)


i blame loading screens >.> they should not exist, if i could i would stab the loading screen and i would say "and here i thought you were… loaded, :sunglasses: "


Once bugs are fixed, a new gamemode or two, ranked play, and 5th teir comes, I think interest will come back.
The main complaint of this game was not enough content, after teir 5, I think people will get interested.


people will probably just bitch more because “theyll have to pay for it”. Im expecting/hoping this game picks up a bit with the maps/modes, and once the game drops in price on steam- making is a bit more readily acceptable to the masses. If the competitive scene stays strong, thatll also be a good thing for this game. Games can take a year or two to really take off. Just have to wait and see. Cross the fingers.


One the PC Playerbase only a change in the pricing/selling system will help. There isnt enough interest in Evolve left and NO ONE (okay about the 1k that still plays) will notice about the new DLC content.

First some discounts will help gaining new players (i’m pretty sure the steam summer sale will have a -50% discount on Evolve, if not more). Later on a -75% discount and then after some free weekends with the -75% discount will gain some sort of fresh blood in.

But in the long term they would need a modell change like to F2P with Tier1 as free demo for everyone. However i’m not sure it such a change is possible in that business with consoles and publishers contracts, i’m pretty sure they are bound to 2k and some sort of their choice to sell/market Evolve.


Games only been out 3 months chill out


I hope so, who’s buying dlc in their right mind with all these bugs? First fix your game then you may try to make money.