So I got into a fender bender


A guy rams into the back of my car and then proceeds to come up to my car and claim I backed up into him while cursing me out. This is by the way on a busy street in Manhattan. So I’m appalled by how ridiculous his claim is and I get out and tell him face to face what I think of his BS and tell him to back off. He suddenly starts saying, “you better get outta my face.”

At this point I should add that I’m known for a slightly short temper. He literally just stands there repeating “I’ll let you get the first punch but so help you god if I don’t go down.” How the F are people this god damn dumb? You ram a guys car, get in his face, then dare him to attack you? My hands were literally shaking in rage until my wife pulled me back. All the while there’s this dumb ass random lady and guy on the street goading him on and cheering him. The police came shortly after and broke it up.

I’m just venting. Thanks for reading.


I’ve been in a few accidents myself. I live in Florida an believe it or not old people here will not hesitate to smash your windows, I speak from experience. People are crazy these days.


New Yorks drivers are crazy. I would know I’m one of them lol


Sounds like a set-up to me. If you took the first punch you’d have been liable for assault as well as damage to the vehicles since you’d be seen in a worse light due to the fisticuffs. Never underestimate minor fender benders…there are a lot of scams out there. Even if it wasn’t a set-up…the guy obviously was ill-tempered and ignorant of his own actions.


Yeah, I can understand how you would be angry in this situation, I’m sure I would be the same. It’s a good thing you didn’t do anything though, because this guy is going to be the one paying for the accident anyway. Next time something like this happens, just think about how funny it will be when you come onto the forums to tell everyone how stupid he was being, and how he now has to pay for your car repair :slight_smile:


I hate car accidents. They’re so crazy. I’ve never hit another car though, I hope your situation ends on a better note. That guy sounds like an ass.


i hate these kinda people

or the ones that scrape cars and just drive off. costs both sides more money… ugh


Im with @SledgePainter on this one sounds like a scam I must admit though i would of raised my fists cover up and made a semi circle round him just to see his face lol


This, he was trying to get you to admit fault and when that didn’t work wanted to goad you into a fight. Not sure the accident itself was on purpose or not (can’t possibly tell without seeing it for sure) but even if it wasn’t a setup, I think the other guy sounded like he was trying to find ways out of it.

Luckily my only accident has been hitting a damn deer, they’re rodents around here. Never been involved in something involving another person.


I’ve been in 2 fender benders in Manhattan, both times not my fault. Funny enough, both times the other driver tried to blame me as well. I hate driving in Manhattan… lol


That’s because they know they’re the ones at fault… The car in back is always assumed responsible because they were obviously following too close.


Kill them in your head and just smile xD



He was probably trying to incite you so that he could incriminate you for attacking him, and that would make it look more like your fault that this miscreant is an idiot.

The best thing to totally ruin the tension of a situation is to say something that doesn’t make sense. In every case, the opposing party will pause while they try to register why you just shouted something about why your clams are screaming in the back seat (when you clearly have no clams). This gives you the upper hand because they become increasingly uncomfortable and no longer wish to talk to you.

Social tips brought to you by me, arbitrary responder #16. :wink:



Well done for showing restraint :smile:


It was a one on one, I’m surprised you didn’t just use pounce.


He had two team mates though, they’d have de-pounced the guy. Plus, read this bit-

-the dropship was on its way! :stuck_out_tongue:


Typical Ebonstar, always showing up too late.