So I got a BAD spanking on evac


Last night I got whooped so hard I almost don’t even want to play as a monster. . . Really it was that bad. First round: (hunt) they played with this set up the entire game. Parnell, Abe, Cabot and Laz. I played wraith, and I beat them. After that I played goliath twice and wraith for the last two rounds (one of those rounds were best and the other, rescue) I played wraith on rescue.

BASICALLY, I want to know how (if at all possible) can I take out this team? Which character do I single out first for the first encounter? I have a VERY difficult time tracking invisible Laz… and Cabot/Parnell decimate me with SS, weak points, and damage amp. I get spanked by this team set up EVERY. . . SINGLE. . . TIME. . . . Help me please


Always focus Laz.

If he cloaks and you are Wraith, you should be able to Decoy away till his cloak is on a long cool-down.

Retreat to regain armor as needed, and if the opportunity presents itself you can bait Laz out by downing another Hunter.

Sniff to see Laz walking, and look for jetpack activations.


I prefer goliath to wraith because people tend to leave games if I choose wraith.


Hah! Sounds like me.

Ahem - as Goliath remember to sniff judiciously and be opportunistic about killing Lazarus.

Remember: if Lazarus dies, you probably just won the game.

Also, all fights need to be for a total team wipe against Lazarus: just run and evade in Domes if the odds don’t favor you.


ill give u a real GOOD SPANKING BOI sweg