So, i figured it out. Evolve is a tv-show!


Space civilization are boored. They need new level of entertainment, something like Coliseum, but on a galactic scale. So, they created reality show called Evolve.

What they do? They raise army of clones. Giving them false memory. Then - placing them on a planet, some - in “statists” roles, some - in the body of main characters or even monsters (yep, that is why they can think just like us). And making them fight, and they trully believe that they are really saving colony - because of falce memories, ofc. And when they die - all memories of current clone are backuped just before body dies, and loaded into new bodies - this is how dropship works: it contains a lot of spare bodies for hunters.
All that is just like Truman show, but with shooting, dying and monsters. What do you think about it?)


Oh well, then, i quess, its only me)